Jack's back! That's the big announcement made by the first very short teaser for Samurai Jack Season 5, which confirms the show is finally returning this spring. This first look footage shows Jack standing in the rain. And that's pretty much it.

Samurai Jack came to a screeching halt way back in 2004, more than a decade ago. And the final episode left a very open-ended conclusion that left many fans suspecting that a movie was on the way. That was considered for awhile. But it never panned out. Fans have been begging for a proper send off ever since.

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Now, we're getting an entirely new full season of Samurai Jack, with Season 5 wrapping up the series a grueling thirteen years later. Though the new teaser is brief, it is sure to get some animation fans drooling in anticipation. And for an 11-second sneak peek, it delivers on the promise of something awesome.

Seriously, what more do you need to know than 'Jack's back'? That pretty much says it all. And seeing Jack standing in a torrential downpour as he prepares for one final showdown with the evil Aku is pretty badass. We also get to see Jack's magical sword, which provides the warrior with his only available light source. There's a metaphor here somewhere, if you look hard enough.

The short but sweet teaser ends with Jack's iconic face looking stoic as ever. His hair blows in the wind. Lightning cracks in the background. It's as cinematic as animated TV shows get nowadays. And it makes the wait for March all that much harder to wade through.

After being sent into the future by evil wizard Aku, young samurai Jack makes a quest to return to the past and undo the destruction caused by the wizard. Along the way Jack enlists allies to defeat some of Aku's henchmen and other villains before getting to the top dog to defeat him and find the portal that can return Jack to his own time. Samurai Jack was created by Genndy Tartakovsky, who had previously created "Dexter's Laboratory," one of Cartoon Network's first original series.

Samurai Jack Season 5 takes place a few years after that fateful final Season 4 episode ended. Jack is tired, feeling less heroic. A lot has happened since we last saw this warrior. And now, he will seek his long-deserved redemption. These new episodes are said to be grittier, darker and much more action packed. Which is quite a bold statement considering what the earlier episodes were able to accomplish. Season 5 will work in telling one cohesive interconnected story suitable for binging. And each new episode will finally uncover a long lingering mystery about the show.

Series creator Genndy Tartakovsky returns to continue his story. The original voice of Jack, Phil Lamarr, is also back. Samurai Jack is set to drop all-new episodes during Adult Swim's Toonami block starting March 11, 2017. Take a look at the teaser courtesy of Adult Swim.