Jack is back! After years of impatiently waiting and after months of uncertainty, Adult Swim is finally getting ready to release a brand new season of Samurai Jack, which is something many have wanted to see for more than a decade. Now, with the release of the first new episode fast approaching, the first full-length trailer for Samurai Jack season 5 has arrived, and it is super dark.

Adult Swim dropped the trailer for Samurai Jack season 5 online today, which finally gives us some idea of what to expect in this upcoming season. We see a very battle-hardened Jack, who has been stuck in limbo for 50 years now since we last saw him at the end of Samurai Jack season 4. Despite the odds being stacked against him, he is still doing his best to defeat the evil Aku and his minions. Adult Swim also released a very brief synopsis for the new season of Samurai Jack, which gives us a slightly better idea of what to expect from these new episodes. Here is the synopsis.

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"It's been 50 years since we saw Samurai Jack and time has not been kind to him. Aku has destroyed every time portal and Jack has stopped aging, a side effect of time travel. It seems he is cursed to just roam the land for all eternity."

Phil LaMarr, who voiced Jack during the show's original run, has returned for Samurai Jack season 5, who we can hear quite a bit in the voiceover in the video. Aside from everything seeming pretty bleak for Jack, there is an awful lot of exciting and violent action, including some automatic weapons, grenades and a whole lot of swordplay, as well as some very angry creatures that seem to have it out for Jack and some of the other innocent folks that inhabit Aku's kingdom. At the very end of the video, it is said that this is an "all new limited series," which seems to imply that the network intended it to be a one-and-done sort of thing. It is possible that they could greenlight more episodes of Samurai Jack season 5 does well, but limited series definitely indicates that they aren't necessarily planning on it.

When Samurai Jack season 4 ended back in 2004, it didn't provide any sort of a conclusion to the series, a fact that has frustrated viewers for more than a decade now. Luckily, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim announced last year that they were moving ahead with this new run of episodes and that series creator Genndy Tartakovsky was returning for the fifth season. Based on this first trailer, it looks very much like they stayed true to what made the first four seasons of Samurai Jack so special.

The new season of Samurai Jack will consist of 10 episodes that will hopefully conclude Jack's story, since Adult Swim made it clear in this video that this is a "limited series," meaning that this could very well be the last season of the show. Samurai Jack season 5 is set to debut on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m EST on Saturday, March 11. You can check out the brand new trailer for yourself below.