The hit Syfy series Being Human continues Season 3 with "(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Monday, January 21 at 9 PM ET. Series star Sam Witwer and executive producer Anna Fricke recently held a conference call to discuss the new episodes, which puts a new spin on the series format. Sam Witwer, who plays the vampire Aidan, spoke about the changes these characters undergo.

"I really like it. I suppose the question is for me, considering Anna invented these shake-ups. I was thrilled. I thought it was really fantastic. In fact, the entire cast was really blown away with the move because you want to feel like the things that happen leave an indelible mark on the characters and on the situations, so you want the show to evolve. I think Anna and her writers did a fantastic job in creating a season that allowed us to get really deep with our characters this year. This is definitely the character season where we really get to know the characters even better than we did before in a big way."

Anna Fricke added to the actor's statement, revealing the pain these characters go through is a very human process.

"If I could just add to that, I think part of what we've always loved about the concept of the show is that with great pain lies great humor and it's a very human process that they're going through. And the whole concept of Being Human is that it's never going to work out for these people. So, even if we do something like shake it up as we did in the first season, something is going to go wrong there and it's never really going to work out. So I guess that's why I always feel safe and the writers feel safe in playing within those parameters because it's not going to work out. And if it ever does work out, that's the end of the show. So, we have some room to play with."

After the death of Surin (Dichen Lachman), Sam Witwer reveals that Aidan will become a better roommate.

"The answer is yes actually. The answer is oddly, yes. The thing with the Surin relationship is that while there was love there and affection and a lot of attempts at making it work, I don't know how Anna and Jeremy (Carver) looked at it, but I looked at it is like this is the bad relationship year for Aidan. This is when, you know, it's like that girl you really want to date in high school and then you dated her at 25 and it just wasn't what you thought it was going to be and you just keep trying to make it work and it's fighting you every step of the way because you can't. In the second season of a show, you can't do the love of someone's life. It's probably not the best idea because you have other seasons and other people to meet. So that was the way I interpreted it, like we're telling the story of a destructive relationship and it's not necessarily either of their faults that it's destructive, it's just that the circumstances and everything that have gone down make it destructive. So he's coming out of that definitely mindful of what it caused him to do to other people and, yes, we definitely see the three roommates interacting a lot more this year which is great fun for the cast considering we all like each other."

When asked which part of Aidan is tougher to play, the bad boy or the vampire trying to be human, Sam Witwer gave this response.

"Well that's a very good question, I mean, there's a lot of sides to that guy. I'll tell you the thing that I have enjoyed the most in terms of developing is anytime that he gets to be a little bit funny - and that doesn't necessarily mean he's 'ha, ha' funny - that sometimes he has a response to something that Josh is doing that's humorous. Or, you know, he gets annoyed at something that Sally says. I have some friends who make a really well-thought of comedy series and I've watched as through the years they've gotten so good at creating that series, it's called Always Sunny in Philadelphia - you guys probably watch it. And I've watched his sense of humor which has been just fine tuned to just a needle point and he knows how to do that right. Well, I, at one point, went to college with that guy and we were just - we were the two comedians of our class. And everyone thought that both of us would go off and do comedy and all I've been doing since then is just drama-learning how to make people cry or freak out or feel something serious. So the thing I enjoy most of Being Human is learning how to help bring in comedy into straight situations which, as I mentioned before, there's things I didn't know how to do - I didn't really know how to do that starting the show and have had the opportunity to work out and get better at that. Especially when you have someone like as brilliant as Sam Huntington shouldering the comedic burden, I should have played a straight man when it starts out; it was a good way to wade into it. And then later, as the series progresses, I get my own little comedic moments that have nothing to do with anyone, so that's the part I enjoy the most, just because I find it hard because I think it's difficult, but again I think that's the most fun."

Anna Fricke also spoke about bringing on Amy Aquino, who plays a witch in Season 3.

"First of all, I think we all agree we are so blessed to have her on the show. Not only does she give a phenomenal performance, she's also a lovely person, which is always nice when it works out that way. So, yes, she's playing a witch on the show and, as it always is with our show, it goes a lot deeper than whatever your supernatural title may be. She's a very complicated woman with an interesting past and I think what's the most fun about her character is that she's very tongue-and-cheek and no-nonsense and we're trying to turn the whole witch thing on its head and we have a lot of fun with her and she's very powerful. And she also brings out a lot of power in Sally, so that will be something that is really interesting and hopefully compelling to watch. And she's named after my mother, which is not supposed to be an insult."

Being Human Season 3 continues with "(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Monday, January 21 at 9 PM ET on Syfy.