Being Human is back with the all-new episode "(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Monday, January 21 at 9 PM ET on Syfy. Actors Sam Huntington and Kristen Hager, who play the werewolves Josh and Nora, recently participated in a conference call where they spoke about the new season. Sam Huntington first spoke about how layered his character is on the series.

"Well, what's cool about Josh as a character is, whether or not he's a werewolf, he's a really layered guy. He's a really dynamic character, so you know, the werewolf thing certainly is a huge other layer but the character itself is really rich. So for me, it doesn't change much other than feeling slightly, like, I'm on the outside, you know, looking in. Kristen has now taken my place, and she's making it known, by the way. The character becomes increasingly more and more feeling like he's left out and I was oddly feeling the same way as an actor, you know, my wonderful costars get to do this fun stuff and now I'm, you know, looking in through the window like the ghost of Christmas past."

Kristen Hager also spoke about how this season features the main characters coming back together as a group, instead of having separate story lines.

"Yes, I mean, like we spent some time talking yesterday but I think that, like this season we've really gone back to what worked so well in Season 1 with the roommates and keeping everyone's storylines connected and that camaraderie between everyone and the writers did a fantastic job this season in bringing that back, so I think everyone's been really excited about that because we always have the most fun on set when we're all there together."

Kristen Hager also spoke about the year and a half time span between Season 2 and Season 3, and how Josh and Nora spent that time.

"Season 3 definitely starts a year and a half afterSeason 2 and Josh and Nora have had a lot of time, just the two of them and a lot of time to work on their relationships. So Season 3, definitely sees Josh and Nora in a much better place than they've been in any of the seasons thus far. I feel we'll see very, very human problems still that they'll have to deal with day to day in their relationships this season, which is nice."

Sam Huntington also spoke about how Josh's relationship with Meaghan Rath's Sally evolves this year.

"Yes, Sally's an interesting entity unto herself. Because for all intents and purposes, she's still very much a supernatural being. But yes, I think Josh has that kind of feeling like he's pure but he still wants to be one of the gang so he's feeling - yes, I think you hit the nail on the head, like a square peg in a round hole and he's not able to - especially with Nora, I think. He's constantly just being, like, I'm still part of this. I'm still supernatural too. And she's like, no, but you're not. You know, you're my boyfriend and I love you but you should embrace the fact that you've gotten your wish."

Being Human returns with the all-new episode "(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Monday, January 21 at 9 PM ET on Syfy.