Sacha Baron Cohen's Who Is America? has been nominated for a Golden Globe and the comedian took the opportunity to ask Sarah Palin out on a date. Cohen has been nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series Musical or Comedy for the show that Palin helped promote, though she didn't know that at the time. Now, Cohen is doubling down on his trolling of the former Governor of Alaska.

Who Is America? takes everything that Sacha Baron Cohen is known for and amplifies it to levels of severe discomfort. Obviously, Cohen is very proud of his show and what he was able to accomplish in secrecy over two years. Cohen had this to say about the show and his gratitude to the Golden Globes.

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"I appreciate the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing me, which luckily is something that none of the guests on the show did. This is such a special honor for me as the HFPA are always among the first to really appreciate my ever evolving humor. I am humbled to be recognized among such a wonderful group of nominees, all of whom I admire."

Sarah Palin came forward before Who is America? debuted to announce that she had been tricked by Sacha Baron Cohen, claiming that he pretended to be a disabled veteran in a wheelchair. The announcement was perfect for the show, with Cohen and crew probably giddy from the free advertising. However, Palin's segment was never shown, which Cohen apologizes for. He explains.

"This show was a labor of love for over two years. It is a shame they overlooked the amazing performances by the rest of the cast, particularly Dick Cheney and Roy Moore. Meanwhile Ms. Palin, despite being cut from the show, I hope you will accept my invitation to be my date for the ceremony."

Sarah Palin has yet to respond to Sacha Baron Cohen's offer, but it doesn't look like she will be attending the Golden Globes with the comedian. While Palin claimed that Cohen posed as a disabled veteran, as Who Is America? aired, it was abundantly clear that she was talking about the character Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., Ph.D., who is a conspiracy theorist and uses a motor scooter to conserve his energy. Ruddick Jr. had a pretty memorable interview with Bernie Sanders and his Truthbrary website is still up, which trolls Alex Jones and the far-right.

Jason Spencer, a former Republican state representative from Georgia, appeared on Who Is America? and swiftly resigned after the episode aired after he was shown using racial slurs and pulling down his pants to reveal his buttocks. Former Alabama judge Roy Moore says that the show exhibits "trickery, deception and dishonesty," and is still attempting to sue Sacha Baron Cohen and the show. As Cohen says, he spent two years making the show, so it seems unlikely that a second season will arrive, even though it would be welcomed. Sacha Baron Cohen's statement was first published by Deadline.