The world's favorite cartoon babies are soon heading back to the small screen as Nickelodeon's planned Rugrats revival series will reportedly premiere on the network this fall. For a new online video produced by Vanity Fair, famous voice actress Nancy Cartwright reviews impressions of many of her biggest characters, and that includes Chuckie Finster from Rugrats. Additionally, the outlet also reports that Cartwright will be reprising the role of Chuckie for the upcoming Rugrats reboot, and that the updated series is set to debut on Nickelodeon in Fall 2020.

Back in 2018, it was reported that Nickelodeon had ordered a 26-episode revival of Rugrats to be executive produced by original series creators Arlen Klasky, Gábor Csupó, and Paul Germain. Details on the project have since been scarce, and it's not entirely clear at this point if the revival will maintain the same look of the original series. However, it appears at least one major member of the Rugrats cast will be returning, given the report that Nancy Cartwright will be voicing Chuckie once again this year. Last fall, Cartwright had tweeted about her excitement over coming back to reprise the role so many years after we last saw the cartoon toddler.

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Running for nine seasons with multiple spin-offs and movie adaptations, Rugrats is one of Nickelodeon's most popular cartoon shows of all time. The series follows the adventures of a group of babies whose parents clearly aren't paying enough attention. Originally, Christine Cavanaugh provided the voice of Chuckie until she retired from the role, but Cartwright's take on the character was so spot-on that it made the transition seamless. Cartwright would also voice the older Chuckie in the television spin-off series All Grown Up and played the toddler in the official movie Rugrats Go Wild.

Of course, Cartwright is perhaps best known for voicing Bart Simpson and many other major characters on The Simpsons for over thirty years. Along with the show's most popular character, Cartwright's other voice roles on the series include Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz, Kearney, Database, and Rod and Todd Flanders. In addition to The Simpsons, some of Cartwright's other biggest roles in animated television shows include Rufus in Kim Possible, Mindy in Animaniacs, and Daffney Gillfin in The Snorks.

What remains a mystery is the current status of the planned live-action/CGI hybrid movie based on Rugrats that was in the works at Paramount Pictures. Originally, the movie was given a 2020 release date before getting pushed into early 2021, only for the studio to pull the project from its release schedule entirely. Although the planned Rugrats seems to now be stalled in development hell, it should be good for fans of the series to know that the television revival is still on the way.

An exact date hasn't been given for the Rugrats revival on Nickelodeon, but hopefully the network will make that information available soon along with a sneak peek at the series. You can watch the clip of Cartwright reviewing various impressions of her animated characters in the YouTube video below. This news comes to us from Vanity Fair.