Are the Connors about to have a big family reunion? Possibly. Star and creator of the Roseanne TV show, Roseanne Barr, confirmed on Twitter that the cast is ready for their revival. And with just these 9 little words, she threw the entire Internet into a frenzy.

"Roseanne show cast is up for a reunion show."
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This announcement comes on the heels of two former Roseanne stars reuniting on the small screen in character. For her daytime talkshow The Talk, Sara Gilbert convinced John Goodman to reprise his role as dad Dan Connor to her Darlene. The pair appeared in a mock-up of the old Roseanne living room in a spoof that finds Darlene revealing a long kept secret from her father. That she has become, gasp, a talk show host. There is also a funny wink and nod gay joke thrown in for good measure about Darlene finally telling Dan that she is a lesbian.

This perhaps got Roseanne thinking a reunion would be a viable thing. It has worked for Fuller House and the Gilmore Girls. And Netflix would probably welcome a second take at a Roseanne family sitcom. Only there is a big elephant in the room.

Roseanne, an Emmy winning sitcom that aired on ABC from 1988 to 1997, was ground breaking in quite a few ways. The stories revolved around the Connors, an Illinois working-class family with the same problems many Americans faced at the time. The show remained quite popular throughout its entire run, but it went off the rails in its 9th and final season, which saw the Connors winning the lottery.

The show tackled exactly what this would mean for a working class family, and the struggles they would face with such a windfall. But the series finale took a dark turn. In that last episode, Roseanne reveals that the entire show has been a story that Roseanne was writing about her life. And that she embellished quite a bit.

The biggest revelations is that Dan Connor did not survive his heart attack near the end of Season 8, and that during the events of Season 9, he had actually passed away. The audience does not learn any of this until the final moments of this very last episode. The Connors never really won the lottery, and it was all just a fantasy that fans got to watch play out as Roseanne imagined it.

So, how exactly would a Roseanne revival series work if it were to happen? Would it be without John Goodman? Or would Roseanne do something cheeky, like bring him back as a ghost? Something that does not seem past Roseanne Barr to do. It's possible that Roseanne could also rewrite the history books, and pretend like Season 9 never happened. The small reunion with Dan and Darlene below positions the fact that Dan is still alive. Perhaps, the family will all gather for a reunion special where they simply reminisce about the show. Whatever this turns out to be, fans certainly are excited.