With the Roseanne revival upon us, it's a great time to revisit some history about the domestic goddess sitcom that changed TV. Ratings for her return have been huge. Everyone is catching Roseanne fever. But if you weren't there the first time around, you may not know some of the drama that went on behind the scenes. Today, we take a look at what made the sitcom such a classic with 10 things you never knew about one of TV's most important and influential shows of the 80s and 90s.

A stand-up woman.

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<strong><em>Roseanne</em></strong> Barr Stand-Up Comedian

Roseanne Barr, both the person and her show itself, was a trailblazer for other comedians. 'Though she'd never acted, TV producers were so impressed with her standup set on a 1985 episode of The Tonight Show that they offered to build a series around her, inspired by her life. There had been other standup comedians on TV shows before, like Bob Newhart and Bill Cosby, but the success of Seinfeld on NBC and Roseanne on ABC paved the way for an unprecedented slew of sitcom vehicles for standups, including Tim Allen, Brett Butler, Ellen DeGeneres, Ray Romano, and Chris Rock.

The original title.

<strong><em>Roseanne</em></strong> family

As writer Matt Williams developed the show through several interviews with Roseanne and observing her daily life with her kids and then-husband, the working title was Life and Stuff, which he felt had more of an "ensemble" connotation. Barr insisted they change the name, as after all, the show was based on her life. The pair famously clashed throughout the show's first season. Williams was gone after that and Roseanne proceeded to bring in new writers, including some comedy club pals.

The only Dan.

John Goodman Dan Conner

John Goodman was the only actor brought in to audition for the role of Dan Conner. His chemistry with Roseanne sealed the deal. The producers were just as eager to cast Laurie Metcalf, making sure Barr would be surrounded by seasoned players.

The other DJ.

Sal Barone as DJ <strong><em>Roseanne</em></strong>

There's a different DJ in the pilot episode of Roseanne. Actor Sal Barone grew a half -inch after the filming of the pilot and the writers' strike that followed. Roseanne worried that he'd appear too old too quickly and also noted that Barone didn't seem to get along with Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene, so DJ was recast. Incidentally, Macaulay Culkin auditioned for DJ, two years before the release of Home Alone.

Other differences in the pilot.

Life and Stuff Pilot

The Roseanne logo and the Conner kitchen both looked different in the pilot, which was titled Life and Stuff, after the series original working title. Laurie Metcalf wore a curly wig in this and other early episodes to look more like Roseanne's real life sister. (Metcalf was actually edited out of the pilot entirely in later reruns.)

Ryan J. Downey