The Laugh Factory in Las Vegas was set on fire last night. Not literally set on fire, but damn it was hot in there. The Legendary bad boy comedian Andrew Dice Clay had a big surprise for the audience that showed up in Vegas for his stand up show. Dice teased an appearance from a close friend for "about 33 years". He then unfurled an actual introduction: "There haven't been many as controversial, as outspoken or as f-kin' funny. Let's hear it for Roseanne Barr!" The audience did seem genuinely surprised at the appearance giving Roseanne nothing less than a standing ovation.

Roseanne was a legend back in the day. In a nod to some of the Laugh Factory greats she got to work with during her successful time as a standup comic, she mentions Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison, and of course the Dice man himself. She then took off with her blunt force, no holds barred style that everyone seems to love. Everybody but the company that fired her last year for making what many precieved to be a racist joke about former Senior Advisor to Obama, Valerie Jarrett. Roseanne does not shy away from talking about the controversy of getting fired from ABC.

"When you get fired, you get real suicidal, but I'd never kill myself because that would make too many fu-ing people happy, and I'm not about to make people happy."

Roseanne keeps going on ABC, giving her take on how much she helped the company by making a hit show for them.

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"Dear ABC, when you asked me back to once again bail out your shit, fu-in', low-rated network, I did so with the same vigor I've always rocked, and I delivered you the highest ratings you've had in ten fu-ing years."

The audience applauded loudly in agreement. Roseanne continued her verbal assault on ABC.

"At the first sign of controversy, you killed me off with a drug overdose. But you know what, I ain't dead b-tches."

No, she certainly isn't. Not sure why Dice brought her up after being off the scene for so long. Maybe Roseanne needed to vent some about the event that deeply affected her television comeback. Once again, we don't know why, but Roseanne came out with plenty of hard hitting jokes that she had prepared, obviously fresh because they were written on a piece of paper she carried with her onto the stage.

How could we forget Roseanne, or the fact that she was booted from an ultra-popular remake of her ultra-popular sitcom Roseanne? The original show ran for nine successful seasons before ABC recently decided on a reboot of the show. During the newest season Roseanne torpedoed the show by tweeting something super offensive. She compared Valerie Jarrett, who is African American, to a monkey. ABC immediately canned her from her own show. The series was replaced with a spinoff of Roseanne, entitled The Conners. In the very first episode the show explained the sudden disappearance of the Matriarch by showing the Conner clan in mourning. The show revealed that "Granny Rose", Roseanne, was dead.

Well, the clips on Dice's Instagram page prove that Roseanne is alive and just as funny as ever. These video clips come from Instagram