It's been nearly a month since Roseanne Barr burned the Roseanne revival to the ground with a few short, controversial tweets. Now, a new report states that a deal is close to be finalized which will allow the rumored Roseanne spin-off show to happen without the titular actress. Reports of a spin-off series have been talked about ever since , which was going to head into a second season this fall. ABC is said to be positive about a Roseanne spin-off as long as Roseanne Barr receives no profits and has nothing to do with the new series.

According to Deadline, Roseanne Barr is set to sign a deal that will completely remove her from the potential Roseanne spin-off and prevent her from suing ABC over it. The exact terms of this agreement are not clear, but it is believed that ABC would pay Barr a one-time payment in order to get everything off of the ground. Basically, Barr has agreed to the spin-off series, but as shown in the past, the comedian often changes her mind or contradicts herself, so we'll have to wait and see. Let's just hope that the Ambien isn't around for the next few weeks.

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The Deadline report also states that if and when Roseanne Barr signs the agreement that the Roseanne spin-off could have a finalized deal within a week. ABC has seven days after Barr signs the contracts to decide if they want to move forward with a spin-off that will not include the star and executive producer. The strength of the Roseanne revival series and the return of the beloved characters points in a positive direction for the spin-off.

Additionally, it has been reported that the cast has already received contracts to come back along with a money offer that is the same as what they were receiving for the Roseanne revival series, while the returning writers are rumored to get a raise. This is potentially huge news that could see spin-off series move ahead without any involvement at all from Roseanne Barr, who created the show and many of the characters. Again, this all seems to be resting on the shoulders of Barr, so anything can happen at this point.

As for what the series could be called, The Conners seems to be the frontrunner at this point in time. Roseanne spin-off could be called Darlene, another name that has been floated as well, but The Conners would put the focus on all of the characters that fans have known and loved for over 20 years now. While the report doesn't mention names, it's believed that all of the actors, minus Roseanne Barr, will return to the spin-off. This would be a huge reversal for the actors and crew of the show, who thought everything was torched, so let's hope that this happens. You can read the original report about the Roseanne spin-off series over at Deadline.