The opening credits scene for the Roseanne revival introduces new characters while giving fans nostalgia from the original series. The show ended its initial run in 1997 after one of the most bizarre TV seasons ever and is set to return to its roots later this month with a brand-new revival series with the original cast returning along with some newcomers. The recent promos for the new revival series have playfully poked fun at the idea of Dan Conner's death.

The most important thing about the new opening credits scene for the Roseanne revival has to be the almighty return of the iconic chicken shirt. Throughout the years, many in the cast have worn the chicken shirt or sweater, but it's back to its rightful owner this time around on Roseanne Barr. Other than that, it's exactly what you'd imagine the opening credits of Roseanne to look like in 2018, which is exactly what fans want right now. It's been 21 years since we last saw the Conner family all together and it's almost time to see them all together again.

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The new Roseanne revival series is not without controversy. Roseanne Barr's decision to support Donald Trump in her personal life as well as the revival series has seen some backlash, but as usual, she stands her ground. And after all, who knows the Roseanne sitcom better than Barr? Barr and the producers and writers of the show from the beginning were never ones to shy away from controversy or political matters and for the most part, she helped to paint an accurate picture of a family that had never been represented on television before.

The controversy is something that Roseanne Barr has not shied away from in her career and in this case, it's helping. Depicting the American family under the Trump administration is a smart move, since it hasn't really been covered in a realistic way on a sitcom. Barr has previously said that President Trump is good for the jokes and comedy, so it will be interesting to see how the Conner family adopts Trump's politics. It seems that the jokes pretty much write themselves for the detractors, so how will the Roseanne revival tackle the subject from the opposite view point?

Roseanne will kick off its 9-episode new installment with an hour-long episode on Tuesday March 27th from 8 to 9 PM before settling into its Tuesday 8 PM slot on April 3rd. It's been over 20 years since we've seen the Conner family all together and now is the perfect time to see them tackle the American family in 2018. How will the Conner family react to the trends in 2018? We only have a few weeks to go to finally find out. You can check out the new opening credit scene ahead of the March 27th premiere below, thanks to the TVLine YouTube channel.