Glenn Quinn played Becky's boyfriend on the original Roseanne series from the third season, all the way to the end in 1997. Quinn passed away in 2002 from an accidental overdose and the Roseanne revival referenced the death of the Mark character in last night's episode while also paying tribute to the actor. While the ratings for the revival series saw a slight dip, many fans have called the latest episode to be the best of the bunch so far, leaning less on politics and more on the family dynamic that Roseanne has always been known for.

In the Roseanne revival series, Becky (Lecy Goranson) has been in negotiations to be a surrogate mother for a new character Andrea, who is played by Sarah Chalke, aka Becky number 2. Roseanne and Dan have been protesting the decision, but Becky decides to go through with the procedure, only to find out that she's infertile. This leads to Becky and Darlene (Sara Gilbert) getting drunk, which leads Becky to discuss Mark's death and her struggles since then. It's the first time that Mark's name has been brought up on the new series.


The episode ended with a tribute to Mark Healy actor Glenn Quinn, who passed away 5 years after the original Roseanne series ended. Quinn reportedly had trouble finding work after the show ended, and was reportedly struggling with drug addiction and homelessness in the months leading up to his death. His body was found at a friend's home after overdosing on heroin, which the coroners ruled as accidental. Quinn's drug use allegedly started in 1997 after the show had ended.

The Roseanne series wasn't the only one to pay tribute to Glenn Quinn. Co-star Michael Fishman (D.J.) also took to social media to post his own tribute. After he finished doing some press for the show, Fishman visited Quinn's resting place to drop off some flowers. He revealed that he thinks of Glenn Quinn and his family frequently while also stating that he will always be a part of the Roseanne family as long as the show is on the air. He had this to say.

"Glenn and family are frequently on my mind. We put his picture in the hallway we pass each day. After my #Roseanne press tour today drove down and visited him. As long as @RoseanneOnABC is on Glenn Quinn is part of it. I'll always honor him and the Quinn family in my work."

As previously mentioned, the Roseanne revival took a small dip in ratings last night, which wasn't enough to keep it out of the top spot. The show is still bringing in huge ratings, on its own, with no help from president Donald Trump, according to Roseanne Barr. The president was trying to take credit for some of the show's success, but Barr has downplayed that he had anything to do with it. You can check out the tribute to Glenn Quinn below, thanks to Michael Fishman's Twitter account.