Last week, we were teased with the return of Johnny Galecki's David Healy to the Roseanne revival series, and now, we know a little bit more about why he's back in a new clip promoting tomorrow night's episode. David's deceased brother Mark was brought up for the first time in the new series last week, so it seems natural that David would be making his return the following week. Galecki's busy schedule with The Big Bang Theory reportedly kept him from being on the show in a more permanent basis.

The new clip for tomorrow night's episode of the Roseanne revival sheds some light on the dynamic of Darlene and David's relationship as Darlene calls him out for wanting to get back together in the past, only to run away when things get "real." However, David isn't back in town to mend their relationship, instead, he's moving back because he met someone. That's the extent of the clip, so it's not clear if he's returning to be a bigger part of the lives of his children.


Roseanne Barr recently spoke about the cast reuniting and mentioned that it really seemed like "no time had passed" when everybody came back together on set. John Goodman declares that it only felt like they took "a week off for 20 years." But as far as everybody coming back and getting into character for the new Roseanne series, Barr says that it was still "alive." She had this to say.

"It's just been a blast to see everybody come back to their character. It was just all still alive."

Fans of Roseanne feel the same way, since the show has been a huge ratings earner since it debuted last month. Though the show has seen a small dip, it's still number one for its time slot on Tuesday nights and tomorrow night's episode will more than likely see an uptick in ratings with the return of Johnny Galecki. Galecki stars in the massively successful CBS series, The Big Bang Theory, so there might be some extra interest in the next episode. It's been rumored that Galecki's David Healy will be more involved with the revival when it goes into production again this summer.


Now that the Roseanne revival has started to settle in, it very much seems to be a continuation of the original series in terms of its spirit. Once all of the politics were taken care of in the first few episodes, it left the show to focus on the family, which is what it has always done best. And now, since we're getting more episodes, fans will be excited to know that they will be making one of the memorable Roseanne Halloween shows again along with some more David Healy. You can check out the new clip for tomorrow night's return of Johnny Galecki to Roseanne over at E!