#7 - Satan, Darling

<strong><em>Roseanne</em></strong> Halloween episode - Satan, Darling

This episode is controversial among both the Roseanne faithful and the Roseanne Halloween faithful. The reality is that this show was ending was so why not be daring on the the final Halloween episode? The Connor family had won the lottery. The Midwestern folks who had been living hand to mouth now had more than they knew what to do with. In many ways this paralleled what had happened to Roseanne in real life. Okay, is Satan, Darling great? Well, I wouldn't exactly use that word. However, the way this Roseanne Halloween throws in cameos by the likes of Ariana Huffington, mashes it up with a fever dream of Rosemary's Baby (and also disses other shows of the time), lets us know that this Roseanne Halloween show may be different, but it's no less biting than the show was years prior.

#6 - Halloween: The Final Chapter

<strong><em>Roseanne</em></strong> Halloween: The Final Chapter

For those that want a glimpse of the old Roseanne Halloween shows... this is it! It starts with a seance around the Connor table and proceeds to basically become an episode around the newest addition to the Connor clan. Sure, this episode would feature some jokes and site gags that only the most devoted fan (and dramatist) would appreciate, but when Halloween: The Final Chapter works it is as good as any other Halloween episode on this list. Even as we see Roseanne move in and out of reality (as she gives birth to the new Connor child), we are enlivened by the spirit of Halloween that permeates every minute of this episode. Lastly, you gotta love the cameo by old Becky (Sarah Chalke) as one of the first visitors to the Connor abode on Halloween. In many ways, for legions of fans, this show could be seen as bittersweet.