Halloween is going to be here soon. While this no doubt conjures up many memories, none of them are as vivid (or as important) as watching the yearly Roseanne Halloween episodes. Sure, some might be better than others but, overall, these were so well done that it's easy to overlook a few things.

Why are these 8 Roseanne Halloween episodes so great? Truthfully, it seems to come down to age. When the show first did this everybody was younger. The first Halloween episode ("BOO!" if you're keeping score at home) was so irreverent yet, so perfect, and it's all because the entire family was involved. We see the Connor's as a team and ultimately, if we're lucky, this is how we want to remember our own broods.

Also, did any other Halloween episodes ever capture the seasonal spirit like these shows? The Fall feeling that permeates every frame of every Halloween episode is palpable. The Halloween decorations, the antics, the layouts... it truly brings us into the show and makes us believe the Connors are really having this much fun on October 31st.

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For some reason a DVD of Roseanne Halloween episodes came out that only had 7 of these 8 classic episodes. It seems that the final season of his show is so hated that, like a lot of revisionists, they want to act like it never happened. Well, that Halloween episode, "Satan, Darling", did happen, we include it here and it isn't ranked last.

So sit back and enjoy as we rank the Roseanne Halloween episodes. You might not agree with how this list is put together. It might even bother you that certain episodes are on here. However, what you can't deny is how great these Roseanne Halloween episodes are.

#8 - Halloween V

<strong><em>Roseanne</em></strong> Halloween V

Of all the Roseanne Halloween episodes that are here to be reviewed, this one left me with the flattest feeling. Truthfully, aside from the Halloween props and decorations, this could've been another regular episode of Roseanne. Don't get me wrong, this episode isn't bad, as an episode of Roseanne it would be fine. However, we hold the Roseanne Halloween episodes to a much higher standard. Essentially, the crux of this episode is between David, Darlene and Roseanne and whether or not the two young lovers are cheating. However, mixed into this are the usual moments of Roseanne hilarity mashed with a hold-up (that may or may not be a legitimate) at Roseanne's place of business.

Evan Jacobs