In the latest episode of the Roseanne revival series, Becky (Lecy Goranson) addressed Mark Healy's death, so it seems only fitting that David Healy (Johnny Galecki) will return in the next week's episode. Many fans have been wondering about David's absence from the revival series, which was due to Galecki's busy schedule with The Big Bang Theory. Now, a new promo for Roseanne has been released with a focus on David and Darlene (Sara Gilbert). We know that the two were later married and had children, but it wasn't clear where David was.

Next week's Roseanne episode is entitled Darlene vs. David and it shed some light on where David Galecki's David character has been. Galecki first showed up on the original series in 1992 and was on it until the end, acting in over 90 episodes, becoming a fan-favorite. Throughout the years, David and Darlene's relationship had many ups and downs, but it seems that it's at the lowest ever as a synopsis for the episode reveals. The synopsis reads.

"David unexpectedly shows up for daughter Harris' (Emma Kenney) birthday after being absent for years, forcing Darlene to re-examine their relationship and the rest of the family."

The brief new promo spot for Roseanne goes through the history of the relationship between Darlene and David up until the present day, where David is seen knocking on Darlene's bedroom window. The best part of the spot comes at the very end when Johnny Galecki's David comes face to face with John Goodman's Dan for the first time in years. Instantly, Galecki's character goes straight back into being an awkward teenager in slight fear of Mr. Conner's stature.


Roseanne has seen a slight dip in ratings since it first premiered, but it's still dominating on Tuesday night. Some fans of the original series were a little put off by the Donald Trump support and overall political themes of the first few episodes. However, the show has made a return to form after this week's episode and next week seems to do the same with the return of Johnny Galecki's David and Roseanne and Jackie's mother, Bev (Estelle Parsons). Bev was always a fan-favorite as well, so it should be exciting for fans to see the show going back to its roots and dealing with what it deals with best: the family.


It isn't clear if Johnny Galecki will be in any more upcoming episodes of the Roseanne revival, but it seems unlikely. We may have to wait until production on the next round of episodes starts in August to see more of the David Healy character on the show. Hopefully Galecki is able to fit some time in for the next round of episodes. Until we find out, you can watch the teaser for next week's Roseanne episode below, thanks to the TV Promos YouTube channel.