What would life have been like for Hillary Clinton if the former presidential hopeful never married Bill? That's a question that will hypothetically be answered in an upcoming "alternate history" project based on the former first lady of the United States. Merely called Rodham -- referring to Secretary Clinton's unique middle name -- the series is directly inspired by the book of the same name by author Curtis Sittenfeld. Imagining a completely different life for Clinton, Rodham the potential series is now in early development at Hulu, though the Disney-owned streamer will still need to put in a series order before the project can move out of the scripting stage.

The Affair co-creator Sarah Treem will be heading the project along with Hulu, and we can presume it will be very similar to the source material. In the Rodham novel, which was published back in May, an alternative version of the past few decades of American history is introduced wherein Clinton never marries Bill and pictures how different her life, along with the United States, would really be if she had made a different choice. Described as a "modern parable about choices, feminism and why the U.S. has such a complicated relationship to women in power," the story follows Hillary navigating her way through the 20th century without having Bill in her life, personally or politically, for better or for worse.

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In the '90s, Hillary Clinton was unfortunately part of a very well-known presidential scandal after her husband was infamously accused of having an affair with a White House staffer, among other women. Hillary ultimately stood by his side and forgave Bill, although that decision has been widely criticized in the years since. When Hillary was later running for president of the United States against Donald Trump in 2016, the incident with Bill was repeatedly brought up by Trump and his supporters. They certainly couldn't have done her any favors, and it's natural to wonder just how different life would have been for Hillary if Bill was never in the picture.

Hulu might have an interest in the streaming series after previously exploring the real-life story of Hillary Clinton in the Hillary documentary series. In the docuseries, Hillary directly addresses her relationship with Bill along with the controversy related to the scandal. The incident will also be covered in Ryan Murphy's upcoming limited series American Crime Story: Impeachment, which will star Beanie Feldstein (Booksmart) as Monica Lewinsky. Clive Owen will play Bill Clinton, but as of now, no one has been announced for the role of Hillary, and it's not expected she will have a big part on that particular show.

For the potential television adaptation, Hulu's Rodham series will have Treem writing the script in addition to executive producing. The project is a part of the writer's overall deal with Fox 21 Television Studios to develop new content for television. Warren Littlefield will serve as an executive producer under Littlefield Co. Sittenfeld, the original author, will also be executive producing alongside Treem and Littlefield. We'll see if HBO orders the series, but if so, it would join other original scripted programming like The Handmaid's Tale, The Orville, and Solar Opposites. This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.