It was looking like the teens of Riverdale were getting to have some good fun with putting on Carrie: The Musical last week, but they never even got to do a curtain call before The Black Hood decided to use the play as his calling card to announce his return. He murdered Midge Klump (Emilija Baranac) backstage and put her lifeless body on display during the production for all in the theatre to witness.

Now, this week in Prisoners a large gathering of the town has come out to attend her funeral including her fellow classmates, their parents, Sheriff Keller (Martin Cummins), and even good ol Pop Tate (Alvin Sanders). To give us a last taste of the musical episode Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) sings a somber song as people lay white roses on Midge's casket. This sequence is intercut with moments showing the sheriff interviewing witnesses from the night of play to see if anyone good give him some clues. A little similar to what HBO's Big Little Lies did but a lot less scandalous. It ends with not giving him any real insight and the last witness being Archie (KJ Apa) telling the sheriff that he believes Mr. Svenson wasn't really The Black Hood. The sheriff doesn't agree with his theory. We jump back to the funeral where Cheryl finishes singing and the Vixens raise their pom-poms in salute. I don't know if cheer squads do this in the real world but I found it a nice respectful touch-for a fake characters death. After the funeral, the sheriff approaches Mrs. Klump (Robyn Ross) to give his condolences but she whips her hand across his face before he can even finish his thought. She doesn't want to hear anything from the man that let her daughter get killed and Cheryl properly backs this sentiment up by telling him that his days of failing the town are over. Not a good day to be the law in Riverdale.

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Our favorite two couples head over to Pop's later to hash out their thoughts as Jughead (Cole Sprouse) offers up his theory that Chic (Hart Denton) could somehow be TBH but Betty (Lili Reinhart) brings up how Chic didn't even know Midge. Jughead reminds her that he's shown to be violent and he could come from a violent past. I agree with Jughead that Chic has already shown he's partly psycho. Speaking of the constant pain-in-the-ass, Sheriff Keller comes by the Cooper household wanting to talk to Chic about the night of the play but since he doesn't live there anymore Hal (Lochlyn Munro) happily offers him to bring him down to the station the next day. He wants him gone as much as I do!

As Archie is walking home on the most conveniently deserted street he spies a figure dressed all in black with a hoodie over his head in the distance staring at him. As he gives the ever cliché "Hello?" and walks towards the stranger, it disappears around the corner only to reappear behind an unsuspecting Archie as he makes his way to the end of the block. Whoever this is, they are pulling some Michael Myers type skills! Archie's paranoia would continue to increase for when he sees his father Fred (Luke Perry) later he expresses his concern that he thinks the TBH is coming for him. Fred doesn't even seem that worried because the sheriff has posted a deputy outside the house.

After more thought, Betty tells Jughead that maybe they should look into Chic more thoroughly and she suggests going to the Sisters of Mercy because both Chic and Mr. Svenson stayed were there at the same time. It keeps sounding so funny how they refer to him as "Mr. Svenson" like he was a teacher. After school (or maybe they ditched because they are rarely in class), Bughead goes on the case and visits Sister Woodhouse (Beverly Breuer) at the Sisters of Insanity and Gay Reeducation facility to ask for a look at Chic aka his real name Charles Smith records. When Woodhouse tries to play hardball and ask for a court order, Betty brings up what they did to Cheryl recently and says she'll expose them. With that kind persuasion, she shows them Charles' records but as they look at photos in the file they notice that it isn't Chic but someone else. Woodhouse confirms the pictures are the real Charles Smith so again Chic has been lying about who he really is.

When they get back to Betty's house and all fired up about Chic's deception he is appropriately right there in the kitchen with Alice (Madchen Amick). They call him out for being an imposter and Alice looks at him all dumbfounded and wanting an explanation. Feeling cornered Chic grabs a knife and swings it at Alice, wounding her. He then goes to attack Jughead but with his back turned he is exposed and Betty Bad-Ass is able to club him over the head and knock him unconscious. Way to defend your mother and emasculate your boyfriend Betty. Well done.

Against Veronica's (Camila Mendes) wishes of not trying to play super sleuth, Archie goes to Mr. Svenson's old place to try and break in and discover some clues. But when he gets there he sees the same black-hoodie stranger from before next to the house. When he goes to approach him/her he gets taken down by two other dressed in black figures. Everyone in this town must shop at the same clothing store.

As Hiram (Mark Consuelos) and Hermione (Marisol Nichols) toast to their successful plan of recruiting Cheryl to write a story for the Register and paint Sheriff Keller down as incompetent, Veronica gets an overdue phone call from Archie. But it turns out it's not Archie but her long-lost sexual predator Nick St. Clair (Graham Phillips). He was the one with his two other black-hoodie frat brothers to take down Archie and now he wants a million dollars for his safe return to Veronica's sweet embrace. So Veronica goes to her parents for help but they don't offer much. They don't want her calling the police because the St. Clair's are a fellow crime family and they don't want the attention plus Hiram refuses to give in to "teen terrorist." As Veronica leaves frustrated, Hiram tells his wife that they can't give in because it will show weakness and the next target will be Veronica herself-plus Archie isn't even real family. After all that Archie has done for Hiram, pretty lousy stance on his part.

While Archie is being held for ransom, over at the Cooper household Chic has been duct-taped to a chair in their basement and it's time for an interrogation. Realizing that he is finally at the end of his con, Chic tells the story of how he and Charles used to live in that super shady hotel together and he had told Chic all about his real family the Coopers. Charles knew how he was given up for adoption and after trying to introduce himself to Alice at her home she didn't even care about who he was and feeling heartbroken would OD on the famous jingle-jangle. This revelation destroys Alice and she feels all the weight of a thousand pounds of guilt that now falls upon her. She rushes out the door in a tearful daze and makes her way to FP's (Skeet Ulrich) place. There she reveals to him what we all suspected which is that he was Charles' father. Through her hysterical crying and trying to breathe she tells him how sorry she is that she killed their child and it's all her fault. Must be terrible to be FP and find out you lost your child just as soon as you learned he existed.

As Archie pleads with Nick St. Clair to let him go because he feels the need to be out there trying to protect his dad, it is of no concern to the spoiled rich kid. He tells Archie that his father is threatening to disown him over what Archie and his friends have done to make him look like a weakling. So now he is going to "make his bones" using Archie to prove himself to his father and that he is worthy of being in the family business. Looks like all of this New York mobster mentality has made its way to Riverdale. Back at the Pembroke, Veronica is having to take matters into her own hands because Daddy Lodge isn't helping out much. She takes money out of her dad's safe and arranges a meet with Nick at Pop's because why would it happen anywhere else?! Later, when they meet up Veronica gives Nick one of her mother's nice leather bags (how spiteful) with the money but he can tell it's not all there. While Veronica promises to make good on getting him the rest he offers her another solution-have sex with him. But of course what else would this egotistical guy want but to finally get what HE feels he truly deserves?

Meanwhile, while Alice is confessing to FP, Betty is at home and gets a call from TBH in his familiar voice-altered style. He confirms that he set Mr. Svenson up, killed Midge, and now he is upset with Betty for letting Chic into her home because he is "an enemy, a sinner." Pretty rude if you ask me. Doesn't even ask 'how are you doing' or 'how is the boyfriend?' Going off of TBH saying that Chic had already come from a bad place before, she suggests to Jughead that they go back to the slummy hotel they found him at. After knocking on a few doors of the hotel (hope they brought some Purell), they find one woman who remembers Chic and Charles rooming next to her. She called them, "the good one" and "the bad one" and mentions how they fought all the time until one day all she saw was "the bad one" and would later discover bloody sheets and pillows in the dumpster. My only argument with that would be in that hellhole, those sheets could've come from anywhere.

With his sex date with Veronica all set, Nick goes back just to rub it into Archie what he plans to do. He sets up a laptop with a live feed to his hotel suite so Archie can watch the action go on and this riles Archie up to the point where he utters the famous words, " I'll kill you." Always a crowd pleaser! Nick agrees that he probably would but he lets him know that his plan calls for him to never get the chance because that's what he is going to do to Archie. He has no intention of giving back to Veronica. He has chosen to take Archie's life because he is Hiram's Lodge's "teen capo."

Bughead returns back to the Cooper household with this new information but Chic is just a cauldron of uncertainty at this point as he won't confirm the woman's story and even hints that the other story he gave them might not be true either. Later on, we see Betty putting a gun in her purse and TBH rings her again. She tells him that he was right about Chic being a killer, but she's not going to just hand him over. TBH reasons that if she was to give Chic over that she wouldn't have to worry about the murder that happened in her home to ever come out. Well that is an attractive offer but before Betty can act on it, FP and Alice show back up to the house and FP grabs Jughead and takes him outside. When they get out there, FP tells his son that he will not allow him to be a part of this just like he was a part of what happened to Jason Blossom. He says they will only help AFTER the women figure out what they want to do with Chic. And that plan would be calling over Hal and letting him in on all the craziness going on. He recommends going to the police but Alice tells him about the murder she helped cover up in their house so they can't do that. While her parents are arguing, Betty goes downstairs, takes out the gun from her purse, and tells Chic that she is taking him out the basement door. She properly puts the gun in the face to show him that she means business.

Back to the sex date, Nick has gone all out and ordered all of Veronica's favorite dishes and a bottle of champagne. She plays along and tells him to sit down while she pours them drinks and he spends the whole time telling her how she is better than Riverdale and she should leave. On the other end, Archie is back at the dingy warehouse watching on the laptop and kicks the table in anger. While Nick's dumb friends are not paying attention, Archie figures out to push himself off the table with his legs and falls backward breaking the chair holding him. He sneaks up behind his one "guard", knocks him out, uncuffs himself, and sneaks away. He puts those football legs to work and hauls ass over to the hotel as fast as he can to stop his lady from having sex with the Creature from the Pervert Lagoon. When he gets there, he breaks down the door only to discover Veronica standing over a passed out Nick St. Clair on the floor. She is shocked to see her hero out of nowhere but lets Archie know that she roofied Nick to give him "a taste of his own medicine." And she hid it in the heart necklace around her neck that was a gift from Archie which makes it all the more sentimentally high school. So now what do they do with the passed out kidnapper named St. Clair? Steal a plan from his playbook by calling his parents and asking them how much it's worth to them to get him back. The way his dad sounds I'll be surprised if he's worth anything.

Betty takes Chic to a cemetery where she asks him again about what he did to her brother and all he'll say is he got in a fight with him and he didn't mean to hurt him. But he doesn't say for sure if he actually killed him. But now they have a visitor as TBH has shown up and is standing off in the distance and Chic looks at Betty confused. She tells him it is The Black Hood and he is Chic's own "Angel of Death" so he better run. Chic stands there and stares at Betty as if he thinks she is going to change her mind as TBH starts walking towards them. When he finally realizes this is the point in the horror movie when the audience is screaming because the character is being really dumb, he takes off in a mad dash for the forest with TBH in hot pursuit. I echo Betty's words exactly, "Goodbye Chic."

In the episodes last moments, we find Sheriff Keller drinking at his desk because the deputy mayor has asked him to step down from his position. He feels his only hope to get his job back is if Fred Andrews gets elected mayor. Veronica is standing at the dining room table with a massive pile of money when her parents come home. The St. Clair's gave her a million dollars for having to deal with Nick's antics and she lets her father know that the St. Clair's were not even aware of Archie being kidnapped. This girl properly turned the tables on her parents to show she can handle herself. In Hiram's study, Archie tells him that he feels he needs to "make his bones" with Mr. Lodge so he is going to kill TBH to prove himself. Betty returns home to find her mom sitting on the stairs and she tells her that she took Chic to the bus station and he won't be bothering them again. When Betty notices that her dad isn't there she asks where he went and Alice says that he went looking for her. Quite the close coincidence of the TBH showing up to the cemetery when she left as well?!

So Archie wants to become a murderer and Hal possibly already is? What is this new development going to mean for Veronica dealing with her parents? And who is going to be next on The Black Hood's kill list when the show returns on The CW?

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