The latest episode of Riverdale, titled Primary Colors, picks up exactly from the same scene as we left off last week, Betty's (Lili Reinhart) mission to prove Chic (Hart Denton) isn't really from the Blossom family tree comes up valid. So we can kick him to the curb now, right? Unfortunately not, because Alice (Madchen Amick) was already aware of Chic's true origins, she had just been keeping them to herself. She tells Betty it's not important who his father is because she is really his mother. When Alice gives Chic a comforting embrace he looks at Betty with the cocky sly smile that I just want her to backhand him---for me and her! But now the big question is, who's Chic's real daddy? We have to get Maury Povich on this.

At the Pembrooke, Hal (Lochlyn Munro) is interviewing Hermione (Marisol Nichols) about her candidacy to run for mayor of Riverdale. When he brings up how the Lodges are looking to build a prison on top of a demolished high school she smooths it over by announcing they will funnel a quarter of their profits back into education for Riverdale High. Just another way the Lodges are trying to convince the voters that they are helping the town out. During the interview, Hermione has a special guest step in who turns out to be real-life talk show host Bravo TV's Andy Cohen. He is a friend from her time in New York and he gives his endorsement for her to be elected by saying, "She's a very savvy businesswoman. I'd love to have her in my corner." You would think with someone like Cohen coming into town they would do an actual on-camera interview. Who reads the newspaper anymore?

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Your answer would be, Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) still does because he sees the article the next morning with Andy's pearly whites smiling at him. Fred tells Archie (KJ Apa) that he's done with working for the Lodges and he's getting out of business with him, even it means they'll take legal action. I understand Fred wanting to get away from what he feels they are doing with the prison but isn't he making his living on working for the Lodges?

At Riverdale High, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) is grilling Veronica (Camila Mendes) on having prior knowledge about her parent's plan for the prison but Archie and Betty properly defend her. We can see Vee wiggling in her seat since we know she is actually very guilty. Ethel Muggs (Shannon Purser), whose father lost his job because of Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) approaches Veronica and tosses a milkshake from Pop's Diner right at her face. She tells her that it is "for your crimes against the town of Riverdale." Not only is it mean to blame Veronica for her parents' actions but what would Pop Tate think about his food getting wasted? Speaking of food, Jughead announces he's going to go on a hunger strike until they reopen Southside High. After she cleans herself off Veronica's day of people pushing her buttons would not be over for when she runs into Reggie (Charles Melton) in the hallways he feels the need to make a smartass comment about her dad.

Obviously, Reggie is too dumb to realize you don't mess with a pissed off Latina because she gives him a solid right cross landing his body right on the school seal. When her parents learn of this, they are not happy because this brings negative attention to Hermione's campaign. They tell her that they need her to keep a low profile so when she gets to school she announces she will be running for student council president! This girl is such the embodiment of her parents. And even at Jughead's obvious disapproval, she asks Betty to be her running mate.

Over at the gym, Toni (Vanessa Morgan) is trying out for the Vixens and even though she does have moves, with Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) as the captain she would get accepted even if she couldn't do the hokey-pokey. Afterward, Cheryl invites all of the inner circle girls over for a sleepover as a Vixen bonding event but the real reason is that she's terrified to be in her own home alone. That night she explains to them that someone has tried to break into her room at night and she is very suspicious of her mother and uncle trying to get rid of her and Nana Rose (Barbara Wallace). Possibly even by poisoning them so she's even afraid to eat or drink anything. The girls think that maybe she's losing it but Betty understands because of her situation with Chic. With the other three asleep on the floor, Cheryl turns to Toni in her bed and tells her, "Full disclosure: I didn't want to invite all the girls tonight." She might as well be doing a nudge and a wink after she says this because we know where her head is at.

Just as they're about to kiss, they hear a loud crash coming from downstairs. Poor Nana Rose is lying on the floor, unconscious and out of her wheelchair. Damnit, Nana, don't you realize the girls were about to start a makeout session?! After the ambulance arrives, the medics tell Penelope (Nathalie Boltt) and Uncle Claudius (Barclay Hope) that she somehow survived the fall. Penelope tells them it must have been Nana's Sundowner Syndrome for losing her senses at night. But Cheryl has a different theory that it was, in fact, her mother and uncle who caused this "accident."

Hiram calls Archie over to the Pembrooke to do him a favor because he's heard about Jughead's hunger strike. He asks him to deliver a flyer to Jughead showing how his company is stepping up their plans to tear down Southside High. Naturally, this enrages Jughead and when Archie doesn't understand his anger, he reminds him how he grew up on the Southside. When Archie tells Jughead how even his father has stopped working for the Lodges, Jughead uses this to show how he is choosing Hiram over his dad and his friend. That was a good hit to the gut, at least it was just figuratively. While Archie may be disagreeing with his Dad lately, he's still very excited to see his mom, Mary (Molly Ringwald) show up to help Fred deal with the legal mess he's in with the Lodges. But even with that being her main reason for showing up, she still has to check in with her son. Mary tells Archie that she's glad he's in a good relationship but she doesn't want it to cloud his judgment with the Lodges and tear him away from his father.

Back at the Cooper household, Betty comes home to find Chic and Kevin (Casey Cott) hanging out in the kitchen which can't be good. When she asks how they know each other Chic tells her that Kevin spilled all the beans on her catfishing scheme. Kevin's defense: "I felt bad." Hey Kevin, go do some laps in the forest okay? After he leaves, Betty tells Chic to stay away from her friends but he claims he's not up to anything. When he tries to imply they have the same darkness because they're brother and sister she properly informs him "You know nothing of my darkness, but you will." And she would make good on that threat because at night she would awaken Chic in his bed with the flame from a Zippo lighter in front of his face. She just stood there very calm and let him know that "I'm going to bring you down because I catch bad men." She then would go on to list how she took out Clifford Blossom, the Sugarman, and The Black Hood. Now that I'm reminded of it, Betty is one hell of a badass.

With Veronica knowing she needs to come up with a plan to get her ahead in the race for school president she uses a subtle favor (bribe, ahem) of telling Josie (Ashleigh Murray) that she can get her on an episode of Watch What Happens Live if she'll endorse her run. Josie is quick to agree and they do a random duet to promote her approving of Veronica as a candidate. But just like when Veronica tried to sing at the founder's day fair she is again interrupted. This time by Ethel handing out flyers like she took her plan from the end of Cruel Intentions as they have a picture of Veronica with all her lies and dirt about her family's plan scribbled all around her. And where could Ethel have got all this information? From Josie herself, it turns out as she has not forgiven the Lodges for what they did to her mother. With Betty finding out this information she confronts Veronica and she does admit to being complacent in her parents plans this whole time. Now knowing this, Betty says she can no longer be Veronica's running mate. When Veronica gets home, her mother asks her why she did the opposite of what they told her to do and she explains that maybe if she was their president they would stop looking at her like she's the daughter of criminals. The hard truth is you are Daughter Lodge.

You would think after the threat Betty made against Chic he would finally wise up but apparently not. When Betty returns home her mom scolds her for what she had done to him the night before and then breaks out her "Dark Betty" wig that Chic had dug up. Chic has also decided to add that she has sex with Jughead when she wears the wig. Alice looks at Betty and asks if it's true and Betty quietly admits it to which Alice looks like she might have a small stroke.

When Alice would approach Betty after regaining her composure she would ask if she and Jughead were being safe and admit that she understood "how alluring the Jones men are." Hey Alice, let's hear about this story! But when Betty asks if FP (Skeet Ulrich) could be Chic's dad, Alice firmly shuts that down. Alice tries to reason with her daughter that she knows Chic is "odd and damaged" but she feels he still needs her love. With this sentiment from her mother, Betty tries to reconcile with Chic by telling him she could have turned him into the cops at any time for the random body they buried. He uses this to turn it around on her and say he doesn't have anything tying him to that murder because he never touched the body. Everything that had to do with getting rid of the random guy was all her doing. How has this guy even survived in life this long without someone just kicking his teeth in?

Jughead comes up with the plan for him and his fellow Serpents to chain themselves together in front of Southside High to protest it being torn down. After enough media attention has happened, Hiram tells Archie that this needs to end and he expects him to take care of it because of the blood oath they took. Archie agrees to do it but only if Hiram releases his dad of the contract with Lodge Industries. With that Archie and his wrestling teammates grab some bolt-cutters and head down to cut the Serpents free. When they get there, Jughead doesn't even put up a fight because with their protest they've shown people what Hiram Lodge is really doing. He tells Archie, "This fight is not going to go away. We're not going to go away." Well after he cuts their chains they leave at least for this episode.

Cheryl waits by Nana Rose's bedside in the hospital probably because she's too afraid to go home. When she asks the doctor for an update her tells her that they found a trace amount of the paralytic toxin tannis root in her grandmother's bloodstream, which Penelope and Uncle Claudius said they caught her chewing in the greenhouse. Cheryl knows this is false and is a result of the tea they have giving Nana but before she can tell the doctor her mother shows up and whisks her away. On the car ride home, Cheryl accuses her mother of poisoning Nana and pushing her down the stairs. This turns out to be a big mistake as Penelope replies "You have lost your mind. But it's all right. We're going to make you all better." Coming from this woman, you know this is bad news.

Filled with the fire of activism, Jughead decides that he doesn't want to lose Riverdale the way he lost Southside High and he makes the decision to run for student council himself. And he asks Betty to be his running mate which is just the cutest bonding thing ever. Archie returns home from his chain gang mission to find out his mom is deciding to stay in town. And the news gets even better because she's staying to help Fred in his decision to run for mayor! Now Archie is really going to have to decide where his loyalty lies.

Toni pays a visit to ThistleHouse looking for Cheryl but Penelope informs her that she has sent her daughter to an all-girls boarding school in Switzerland. The truth is Cheryl has been sent to a mental hospital where she's in a straightjacket and a place with no room service. The nurse comes in with syringes and promises her that they will "rid her of all of those naughty demons." The last thing we see is the orderly closing the door so we don't hear whatever they are about to do to her. We might never see Cheryl the same again.

What do you all think of Fred running for mayor against the Lodges? Which side will Archie choose? And with Cheryl gone who will lead the Vixens?! We'll have to wait until the next exciting episode of Riverdale hits The CW next week.

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