AMC has released the first look at Ride with Norman Reedus Season 2, which debuts Wednesday, November 5 on AMC. This preview offers a first look at some of Norman Reedus' riding guests this season on the biker reality series, which include some of his friends from his other hit AMC series, The Walking Dead, such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, along with director, executive producer and makeup effects artist Greg Nicotero. One of the other guests this year is comedian Dave Chappelle, who also has a unique Walking Dead connection of his own.

Back in November, Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live, and in the opening monologue, he portrayed the iconic Walking Dead villain Negan, re-enacting the scene from The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, where Negan tried to decide which member of Rick's group to kill. Instead of The Walking Dead characters, though, the pre-recorded skit featured a number of characters from the iconic Comedy Central sketch comedy series Chappelle's Show, including Tyrone Biggums, infamous player hater Silky Johnson, white news anchor Chuck Taylor, Lil' Jon and the "black white supremacist" Clayton Bigsby, all played by Dave Chappelle himself. That episode ultimately would land Dave Chappelle his first ever Emmy Award. Here's what Norman Reedus had to say in a new interview, about how two encounters lead to Dave Chappelle appearing on Ride with Norman Reedus.

"I met Dave, he's a Walking Dead fan, so I met him at a [season] premiere in Los Angeles like four seasons ago. I met him, and we started talking and got along really well and swapped numbers and stuff. Then just after we (were renewed for Ride) Season 2, I was walking through SoHo, and I heard this, 'Norman!' I look around, and he's across the street. He goes, 'It's Dave Chappelle! I want to be on your motorcycle show!' He was like, 'I called AMC, nobody called me back.' And then he said, 'Bradley Cooper, too, he wants to be on your show, too!' I was like, 'That's happening. I'm going to make that happen.'"

The 30-second preview only offers a brief glimpse of Norman Reedus and Dave Chappelle together, so it isn't clear if the topic of his infamous sketch will be discussed, although that could depend on if his episode was taped before or after his Saturday Night Live appearance. Other guests this season include famed chef Mario Batali, who Norman meets up with in New York City. The episode with Jeffrey Dean Morgan was shot in Spain, with the Dave Chappelle episode set in the Low Country of Savannah, Georgia. Season two of "Ride with Norman Reedus" premieres as a special two-night television event starting on Sunday, November 5th at 11pm ET/PT, followed by a second episode the next night on Monday, November 6th at 9:00pm ET/PT, in its regular time slot.


AMC has already renewed Ride with Norman Reedus for a third season, set to air in 2018. Ride With Norman Reedus follows The Walking Dead star and motorcycle enthusiast Norman Reedus as he hits the open road to explore local biker culture and celebrate the best and brightest collectors, mechanics and craftsmen around the country. Each episode features Reedus and a riding companion as they journey across an unknown terrain and experience the culture surrounding them... with plenty of time for unplanned detours and tire changes. Ride with Norman Reedus is produced by Left/Right (This American Life, The Circus, Odd Mom Out), with Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, and Anneka Jones serving as executive producers. Reedus also serves as executive producer. Take a look at this new preview for Ride With Norman Reedus, courtesy of Yahoo! Entertainment.