Rick and Morty has no shortage of memorable moments and ancillary characters that have lived on far beyond their moments within the series. One such character, the "pass the butter" robot that Rick created simply because he didn't want to reach across the table and get it himself, has inspired quite a bit of internet fandom for having very little screentime. The latest, and unquestionably most awesome, example of this fandom comes in the form of a 120-pound, real-life version of the butter passing robot, but with one serious upgrade; it has flamethrowers now.

This crazy version of the Rick and Morty 'Pass the Butter' robot comes from the mind of TeamTiki Combat Robotics. Specifically, a man named Micah "Chewy" Leibowitz, who decided that Rick Sanchez's simple creation would actually make for a good battle robot. With a few upgrades, that is. In the video below, which recently started making the rounds online, we can see the much larger and deadlier version of the butter passing robot in action, doing battle against another robot during the Robogames 2017. Unfortunately, things worked out about as well for the real butter robot as they did for the one in Rick and Morty.


The "pass the butter" robot rolls out into the competition arena in true style, showing off those sweet flamethrowers, which could definitely be used to help melt some butter. You know, if your dish needs some melted butter on it. Unfortunately, once the battle actually starts, things don't go so well. The flamethrowers aren't that effective and, ultimately, the other robot wins the day. So, it looks like his purpose in life is still going to be primarily relegated to passing butter. And rejecting Rick's friendship when he is feeling lonely.

This is not the first, actual butter passing Rick and Morty robot we have seen. However, most of the other ones that have been showcased online are much closer to what was featured in the show, meaning it was much smaller and quite a bit less intimidating. Perhaps Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland can take some hints from Micah Leibowitz and use the butter robot as a villain in Rick and Morty season 3? Or, an eventual renewal pending, in Rick and Morty season 4. It would be a nice twist to bring back such a small character in that way. But that's just wishful thinking.


Pass the butter bot has become a true internet sensation, with many people making memes out of the "what is my purpose?" bit from Rick and Morty. He joins other characters from the show like Snowball, Mr. Meeseeks and Mr. Poopy Butthole as some small, but memorable characters who are living on way beyond their screen time in the hit Adult Swim series. So, while we all impatiently wait for the rest of Rick and Morty Season 3 to arrive this summer, you can check out the full video of the flamethrowing, butter passing robot for yourself below.