It is a pretty good time for animated TV in general, but no show dominated the conversation like Rick and Morty did over the last year. The show is feverishly consumed and loved by its many viewers, but perhaps the only problem is that each season of the show is relatively short, only 10 episodes each so far. That being the case, fans are desperate for new Rick and Morty episodes while waiting for season 3. While it may not be a full episode, the gang behind the show has improvised a short episode for us to enjoy.

During San Diego Comic-Con, Vulture talked to the creative team behind Rick and Morty, including creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, writer Ryan Ridley and the voice of Summer, Spencer Grammer. As a treat, they decided to improvise a short episode of Rick and Morty, which has been uploaded to the New York Magazine YouTube channel. While it may not be a full episode, and it may be totally absent of animation, it is really funny and should help tide fans over.

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Dan Harmon starts out by setting up a simple premise and sort of serves as a narrator for most of the improvised bit. The story centers on Summer wanting to go to Harvard and needing Rick's help, all while he is trying to help Morty get rid of his legs below the knees, by injecting them with feces. Say what you will about the improvisation, it definitely sounds like a Rick and Morty premise. While it may totally go off the rails at some points, it is really enjoyable.

What is perhaps most impressive about the improvised episode of Rick and Morty is watching Justin Roiland doing the voices of both Rick and Morty, effortlessly. He is able to transition between the two as if it is no big deal, but for fans of the show, it is a very impressive thing to watch. Harmon discussed during San Diego Comic-Con that part of the reason season 3 is taking so long to complete is that Roiland improvises much of the dialogue, while using a loose story script.

"It's been harder this season...I watched the thumbnail animatic of Episode 304 and I was ready to move forward with it and Ryan [Ridley] said 'we're not satisfied with it' and we were already behind schedule. They have to bear the brunt of the schedule, they have to work weekends. They are the ones that wanted to do it. There's a weird higher calling there and it's not an endless perfectionism because you know when something finally clicks and you go 'this is a good episode of TV.' But it's not just me and I was very happy to find that out."

Adult Swim has not yet set a premiere date for season 3 of Rick And Morty, but it is expected to debut in late 2016 at some point. The wait will likely be worth it, as the network increased this season to 14-episodes, as opposed to 10-episodes that season 1 and 2 received. For now, you can watch the video the improvised episode of Rick And Morty below to help tide you over until season 3 airs.