As the smartest man in the multiverse, Rick Sanchez faces no dearth of rivals and enemies. But it seems there is one person who has risen through the ranks to earn the special title of Rick's 'nemesis'. No, it's not Evil Morty, but what appears to be a campy 'Aquaman' knockoff. The revelation comes courtesy of a teaser from the fifth season of Rick and Morty that Adult Swim shared on their YouTube page.

The two-and-a-half minute animatic clip starts with reality crumbling around Morty and a grievously injured Rick. Morty keeps his grandfather on his feet as the two manage to make it to their spaceship and return to Earth.

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As the ship careens wildly into Earth's lower atmosphere, Morty makes a final call to his perennial crush Jessica, who reveals she was always interested in Morty and invites him on a date. Filled with a new determination to live, Morty takes control of the ship and manages to crash land in the ocean.

That's when Rick wakes up and immediately begins to panic, declaring they need to get away from the waters right away. But it's too late. Bubbles form in the ocean beside them. The waters part, and a giant clam rises, revealing a speedo-wearing man who looks equal parts Aquaman and Namor the Sub-Mariner.

The character identifies himself as Mr. Nimbus, Rick's 'once and eternal foe', even as Rick shamefacedly admits to Morty that the flamboyant fish person is his actual nemesis. The clip ends there, but not before Mr. Nimbus has shouted his name once again, something Rick remarks he does a lot.

The clip is as funny as it is confusing. Who is Mr. Nimbus, and why have we not heard of him before if he has such a special place on Rick's list of enemies? Also, for a mortal foe, Rick seems not so much afraid as embarrassed by Mr. Nimbus, even as he acknowledges the seaman as his nemesis.

Fans are also going to be delighted by the part of the clip dedicated to Morty's arc. After spending four seasons mooning over Jessica, and seeing her as some unattainable prize, it seems the relationship between the two characters is finally going to begin a new chapter, one in which they start dating.

After Rick and Morty was greenlit for 70 more episodes, fans were afraid the next few seasons would try to keep the status quo intact as much as possible. But with the new clip, the creators of the show have confirmed that they are willing to keep evolving the characters and their relationships, with new love interests and nemeses.

Of course, the biggest question on the minds of fans ever since season 4 aired has still not been answered: Where is Evil Morty in all of this? The new clip does not give any hints, so fans will simply have to be patient and let Dan Harmon and Justice Roiland tell that particular part of the story in their own sweet time.