Adult Swim has released the first trailer for the long-awaited fourth season of Rick and Morty, giving fans a good look at some of the gags to come. Running at just under two minutes long, the video comes with plenty of new footage and there's more than enough to make any big fan of the show excited. As shown in the trailer, Rick and Morty season 4 is also set to premiere on Adult Swim on Nov. 10, so cancel any and all plans you have for that evening now. Without further ado, you can watch the full trailer for yourself below!

While it's been a long time since we've seen any new episodes of Rick and Morty, the titular duo are pretty much picking up exactly where they left off. This means more dangerous, interdimensional misadventures for the alcoholic scientist and his timid grandson. "And that's the end of the Morty gets a dragon experiment," Rick says in the trailer as he avoids the flames the beast leaves in the family's living room, revealing one of the many bizarre storylines we can expect to see. Morty also appears to transform into a horned creature in another clip, teasing a battle between Rick and a mutated Morty. Of course, there's plenty of alien-slaying shown in the trailer as well, and all of the elements we've come to expect from Rick and Morty appear to be present.


We've previously been given a sneak peek at the upcoming season from Adult Swim with a video from the show which screened at San Diego Comic-Con. In the clip, Morty and his father Jerry are present for the "Launch Day" celebration of a new app. For unknown reasons, they demand an alien named Glootie take down the app, but they're told that's not possible. After Morty trashes the room, Glootie then fakes initiating a self-destruct sequence, which turns out to be another app. Full details about this storyline are yet to be revealed, but clips of the scene with Glootie can also be seen in the new trailer for Rick and Morty season 4.


It's been quite the wait for fans of the series to see these new episodes. The show has undeniably proven itself as a hit with both viewers and critics after three seasons, but it's now been over two years since season 3 aired its final episode. Animating the new episodes has taken longer than fans were hoping for given the gap of over two years between seasons, but moving forward, it shouldn't take so long to wait. Last year, the network renewed the show for 70 new episodes, so with a guaranteed lengthy run, the Rick and Morty team will always be working on new content for the foreseeable future.


Plenty of surprises should be in store for us with season 4 of Rick and Morty. It's a bummer that we'll only be getting a half-season to start with, but it's nevertheless exciting to know new episodes are fast approaching. Watch season 4 when it premieres on Sunday, Nov. 10 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on Adult Swim. The Rick and Morty season 4 trailer comes to us from Adult Swim on YouTube.