Rick and Morty fans rejoice, as McDonald's seems to be bringing the legendary Szechuan Sauce back soon for a limited time. In a new image posted to the fast food company's official Facebook page, a hand holding a chicken nugget can be seen reaching through a Rick and Morty-like green portal with the McNugget coated with a familiar brown sauce. "Coming soon, the best sauce in the universe," the caption reads, suggesting the rare sauce popularized by Rick and Morty will soon be available in McDonald's locations. You can look at the image below.

The Szechuan Sauce was originally introduced by McDonald's in 1998 as part of a promotional tie-in with the animated Disney movie Mulan. Designed to resemble authentic Chinese Szechuan Sauce, the sauce packets were included with Chicken McNugget Happy Meals and came with one of eight Mulan children's toys. The promotion was only around for a very limited time, as the Szechuan Sauce went away from McDonald's once the Mulan promotion had run its course. Seemingly gone forever, the Szechuan Sauce was almost long forgotten until it made a sudden resurgence in pop culture nearly two decades later.


In 2017, a season 3 episode of Rick and Morty opened with Rick in a dream sequence, imagining himself ordering McDonald's food from within his memory to taste the forgotten Szechuan Sauce one last time. Later in the episode, Rick again mentions the sauce, telling Morty in a tirade that it's his character's "story arc" to once again get ahold of that Mulan dipping sauce from McDonald's, even if it takes "nine seasons" or "97 more years." Clearly, the sauce made an impact on the powers that be at Rick and Morty.

With legions of Rick and Morty fans hoping to try the sauce for themselves to see what Rick was talking about, McDonald's would be flooded with requests to bring back the legendary Szechuan Sauce. These fan efforts actually succeeded, leading the fast food chain to bring the sauce back for a limited time as a way to acknowledge its newfound popularity with Rick and Morty fans. Underestimating just how popular the sauce would be, however, many McDonald's locations ran out very quickly with some fans going so far as to wait outside overnight to be first in line to try the sauce in the morning. Hopefully, McDonald's will be producing many, many more Szechuan Sauce packets this time.


The Facebook teaser post from McDonald's doesn't reveal exactly when the Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce will be returning, but fans of the series wanting to get ahold of some of the condiment to dip their McNuggets into will certainly want to keep an eye out for it. This is actually perfect timing, as Disney is bringing Mulan to theaters next month with a live-action remake. It's unclear if McDonald's also plans to tie the new Mulan movie into all of this. You can also watch out for new episodes to arrive on Adult Swim later this year when season 5 of Rick and Morty continues on a date yet to be determined. The teaser image of the Szechuan sauce return shown above comes to us from McDonald's on Facebook.