Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon has deleted his social media accounts after a controversial video from 2009 was released online over the weekend. The video, which is for a pilot, shows Harmon pretending to molest a doll because his character is a "baby rapist." The video resurfaced days after James Gunn was fired by Disney for insensitive and lewd jokes from over a decade ago and many believe that Dan Harmon could be next to lose his job.

The video in question has surfaced before and it's a 5-minute comedy pilot for Showtime. The pilot is called Daryl, and its parody of Dexter, the vigilante serial killer. But instead of being a serial killer, Dan Harmon plays Daryl, a man who is a self-proclaimed baby rapist. In the short video, Harmon takes off his pants and begins to molest a baby doll. Now, the video is being called out by many for its depiction of child rape. As for Rick and Morty fans, they seem to side with Harmon, while others are calling for him to be fired.


Cartoon Network, who puts out Rick and Morty has yet to make a comment and neither has Dan Harmon, though deleting social media is a pretty drastic step. Harmon was more than likely attacked all weekend after the Daryl video resurfaced. With the James Gunn controversy and even going back to Roseanne Barr's racist tweets, people are becoming more divided than ever before when it comes to free speech. Some believe that Harmon and Barr are comedians, which gives them a creative license to say and do dumb stuff, while others believe that there are lines that should not be crossed.

There are some differences in these stories though. Both Dan Harmon and Roseanne Barr are known for pushing comedic boundaries, which isn't for everybody. While Barr's late-night tweets were preceded by other bizarre online behavior in real-life, Harmon's resurfaced pilot is about him acting as a child rapist, which just isn't very funny and is in poor taste. Some will argue that he's acting, while others will say that he's turning a deep dark secret fantasy into a reality. Either way, it's not good. The same can be said about the tweets of James Gunn that gave everybody idiot shivers after reading them. Yes, they're terrible, but do these people deserve to be fired over these situations?


Both James Gunn and Roseanne Barr worked for Disney, so their exits were swift. However, Dan Harmon works for the Cartoon Network. It will be very interesting to see how this all pans out for Harmon in light of recent similar situations. Harmon's video is not funny and it comes off as really creepy and disturbing, which is kind of the point, especially if it's based off of a show about a vigilante serial killer. You can read more about Dan Harmon erasing his social media accounts over the old video over at The Los Angeles Times.