The Reno Sheriff's Department is back in action as the cast of Reno 911! are reuniting for some New Year's Eve fun. Comedy Central will be airing a marathon of the mockumentary series to help ring in 2019 and, not only will fans be able to relive some of the show's best moments, but Dangle and the gang have reunited to give us some great new moments for the first time in a very long time.

Thomas Lennon (Lt. Jim Dangle), Robert Ben Garant (Deputy Travis Junior), Kerri Kenney-Silver (Deputy Trudy Wiegel) and Carlos Alazraqui (Deputy Sergeant Class III James Oswaldo Garcia) have shot several new promos that will air during the Reno 911! marathon. Luckily, two of those promos have already been released online. The first of which sees Dangle and Trudy warning against the dangers of family clashes on the holidays, with Trudy explaining that they don't want to break up any holiday-themed domestic disturbances.

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"Once we've scarfed down our Christmas puddin' and slipped into our house pants, the last thing we want to do is come break up a fight between you and your toothless cousin Ricky over who's going to drive Grandma to her dialysis appointment next wheel."

The second of these promos that has been released sees Dangle and Garcia hilariously explaining the shockingly large amount of prisoners being held against their will in strangely specific dungeons. It's as wonderfully weird and inappropriate as it sounds and very much like the show we once loved. It may not be a full-on Reno 911! revival, at least not yet, but it's good to see the gang back at it again, as they've been off the air for the better part of a decade now.

Reno 911! originally debuted in 2003 and the Cops spoof ran for a total of six seasons, concluding in 2009. In addition to the cast members returning for these new videos, the cast also included Niecy Nash, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Cedric Yarbrough, Joe Lo Truglio, Ian Roberts and Mary Birdsong. They also starred in a movie, Reno 911!: Miami in 2007, which was a very modest success at the box office, grossing $22 million. The cast has reunited several times in the years since the show concluded, including a mini reunion on Comedy Central's @Midnight. But this looks to be the most significant reunion since the series finale.

Thomas Lennon previously revealed that they have plans for a new Reno 911! movie, which they're working on currently. Though, it hasn't been determined whether or not the project will be made for theaters or a streaming service. As for the New Year's Eve marathon, the network will air 37 episodes of the series from 9 a.m. ET on Dec. 31 to 4:30 a.m. on Jan. 1. For now, be sure to check out the first two promos from the Comedy Central YouTube channel below.