Bollywood star Ranjit Chowdhry, a veteran actor also known for his roles on The Office and Prison Break, has reportedly passed away. According to Indian actress Dolly Thakore, the Indian-born actor had traveled from his New York home to his home country months ago for dental treatment, but the national shutdown left him unable to return to America. Last week, Chowdhry suffered a ruptured ulcer in his intestine, undergoing emergency surgery at a hospital in Mumbai. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save his life, and Chowdhry died on Wednesday at the age of 64.

Chowdhry's half-sister, Raell Padamsee, spoke about Chowdhry's passing in a post on Instagram. "For all those who knew Ranjit, the funeral will be held tomorrow and a gathering to celebrate his life [and] share his stories on May 5th. With love," Padamsee writes in the caption of a photo of Chowdhry. A follow-up post from Padamsee thanks her followers for their support and suggesting she'll need some time away to grieve. "Too soon to talk. Will connect as soon as am able to," she adds.

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Ranjit Chowdhry was born on September 19, 1955 in Mumbai, India. Raised with a background in theatre, Chowdhry knew early on he wanted to be an actor. He would make his movie debut in the 1978 Hindi film Khatta Meetha, following this up with larger roles in the Bollywood comedies Baton Baton Mein and Khubsoorat. He'd move to the United States in the '80s to continue his career, which includes later writing the 1991 movie Sam & Me for director Deepa Mehta's debut movie. Chowdhry also starred in the movie in the lead role of Nikhil Parikh, an Indian immigrant hired to work as a caregiver for an elderly Jewish man and the friendship that blossoms between the two of them.

Throughout the '90s and into the 2000s, Chowdhry continued to act in many movie and television projects. This includes playing Rocky in the 2002 movie Bollywood/Hollywood, also from director Deepa Mehta; the role earned Chowdhry a Genie Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He also memorably appeared in the 2006 comedy Last Holiday with Queen Latifah and in multiple episodes of the hit TV series Prison Break as Dr. Marvin Gudat. American audiences may also fondly remember Chowdhry for his role as Vikram in The Office, a telemarketer who briefly worked with Michael Scott (Steve Carell) when he started his own paper company. His final role was in the 2011 sports comedy movie Breakaway as Mr. Patel Senior.

Chowdhry's survivors include a wife and 16-year-old son in New York, and we extend our condolences to them at this time. Our thoughts also go out to everyone else who knew Chowdhry best and is left to suffer the pain of his loss. As a performer, Chowdhry definitely made an impact by managing to entertain people all across the world with his many roles. He was a veteran of the screen and will certainly be missed by his fans. May he rest in peace. This news comes to us from TMZ.