Syfy has added the new series Continuum to its Monday night lineup, continuing Season 1 with "Fast Times" Monday, January 21 at 8 PM ET. Series stars Rachel Nichols (Kiera Cameron), Victor Webster (Carlos Fonnegra), and executive producer Simon Barry recently held a conference call to discuss the show, which follows a detective from the future trapped in present-day Vancouver. Rachel Nichols first spoke about her favorite high-tech tool that Kiera uses on the show.

"That's the best question for me because I would take my Multi-tool. It's small. It travels well. It does legitimately anything I could possibly need it to do in any situation. And I've started reading scripts for Season 2, and the Multi-tool does just a whole bunch of new and different things pretty much every time we see it. So I would definitely take my Multi-tool."

Simon Barry spoke about coming up with the concept for the series, and casting the lead roles.

"Well, the idea for me came out of a really pragmatic approach to trying to get my love of Sci-Fi really into a pipeline of television production that was feasible. So time travel is a really great vehicle for that because you can have a very large mythology in a big universe, but still be set in the present day world, which obviously is more production-friendly. It was a pragmatic decision at the beginning, but then once the mythology and the characters starting coming together, of course it grew beyond that into a much more passionate process for me in terms of the many characters that the show presents, and also just some of the bigger themes that we are trying to explore in the show. And then the first step was to find a Kiera, and we worked very diligently to find the right person for this part. And when Rachel presented herself as an option, we were thrilled and jumped on the chance to work with her right away. And once we had cast Rachel, we basically built the cast around her, and Victor was a great fit and I can't really - I'll let the guys tell you about it from their perspective, but it was a very quick."

The series first aired in Canada and the U.K. before finding a U.S. home on Syfy. Rachel Nichols spoke about how the fans abroad have reacted to the series.

"I think that it's one of the most exciting things because it came out in Canada. It started airing in May and obviously did very, very well and then went to the UK for Syfy and did very well. And then the mechanism of Twitter is fascinating because it just - you have access to all of these people who want to know what you're doing and what's going on. And I've had such a response from people all over the world from the show coming out, and especially people in the States saying for so long, "When is it going to be in the States? When is it going to be in the States? We don't want to steal it or burn it or, you know, take it off the Internet. We really want to see it." And now everybody's getting their wish, including my parents who didn't have cable until a couple days ago when they realized they were going to have to buy it in order to see me. But, it's something that's been well received and I obviously think that's going to happen here in the US. And so, it's really - it's something very exciting to think about. And finally, the fans that have wanted it for so long are getting exactly what they want."

Victor Webster spoke about how collaborative the show's writers and producers are, when it comes to ideas the actors may have.

"And that's one thing that is great about the show. It's such an open line of communication and it like a family where we can come and bring anything up at any time, whether it sounds ridiculous or whatever the discussion is. It's just bring everything to the table and Simon's always got a very intellectual answer for us, gives us something to think about, and it's really good for us to be able to process all that information and have that sounding board."

Continuum airs the new Season 1 episode "Fast Times" Monday, January 21 at 8 PM ET.