Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster talk Season 2 of Continuum

Series stars Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster discuss Season 2 of Continuum, airing Friday nights at 10 PM ET on Syfy

Syfy's hit series Continuum continues its Season 2 run tonight with "Second Opinion", airing at 10 PM ET. Rachel Nichols stars as Kiera Cameron, a Vancouver detective from the year 2077 who finds herself stuck in present day, hunting down criminals from the future. The actress was recently joined by co-star Victor Webster, who plays Carlos Fonnegra, and series creator/executive producer Simon Barry on a conference call to discuss the remainder of Season 2.

Rachel Nichols teased that a new piece of technology will be introduced in tonight's episode.

"A new piece of technology is introduced and it's one that Kiera has never really seen or experienced before. And it's a piece of future technology that appears in the present day to help her deal with kind of a very emotional situation she'd going through. And I think that mechanism was used extremely, extremely well. There's also an interesting relationship change for Kiera and Carlos. And I think their journey this season is extremely important. And it really sets up, you know, knock on wood, future seasons of the show. And yeah, I think those - that would be Episode 5 and Episode 6 are two that I would highlight in Season 2. I'm covered from head to toe in bruises and can barely move because I was doing a fight scene for 15 hours yesterday. And that season finale is going to be epic, to say the least."

Victor Webster also talked about how Kiera and Cameron's relationship is tested this season.

"You know, I just have to echo some of the things that Rachel said. I think the relationship between her and I really goes through a big rollercoaster this year. And our friendship is tested, it's validated, it's - I mean, goes through the whole gambit of different trials and tribulations. The fight scene that Rachel's talking about that she did, I'm actually really looking forward to - I read it in the script. I don't know how they're going to pull this off so I can't wait to see that. And I think that's going to be pretty epic. I'd have to say those are - the biggest thing is relationship and that last fight scene. It sounds like it's going to be awesome."

Simon Barry talked about the show taking on its own identity in Season 2.

"What I'm most excited about in seeing is really the show I think taking on its own identity in a way that we didn't have a chance to do in Season 1 because it was a new show and we were still kind of finding our way. But I think Season 2 the show really owns its place in terms of storytelling and what the mythology of the show has - you know, how important the mythology of the show is to the storytelling and also how connected and interconnected the characters are. So I think for me it's really just the show settling in to knowing exactly what it is and how the show should be. And I imagine that the fans will respond to that as well."

Simon Barry also talked about how this season will explore more about why Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) sent Kiera back in time in the first place.

"We do open the door to that question and that mystery a little bit more than we have in Season 1. And I think it's - a lot of it goes to paying off sort of the conspiracy of how Kiera got involved in the first place in this time travel experiment. So one thing we are leading to in act - as far as Season 2 is not only exploring how older Alec Sadler was thinking and why, but also the machinations of manifesting this experiment and how it came to be. So that by the end of Season 2 a lot of those questions are completely cleared up and we know where we are in the universe."

Rachel Nichols also spoke about Kiera's ultimate goal in trying to get back home with her son.

"There's a very important question that Alec asks Kiera at the beginning of Season 2 and he says, if you had prevented that building from going down in the finale of Season 1, did it ever occur to you what that act might have done to your future. And it's something that she has to think about. And crazy Jason says something else very important to her which is, after you've been here for a certain period of time your memory of the future starts to fade and you begin to question if you were ever there. Also something that Kiera finds extremely terrifying. Her resolve to get home is still very much intact, but Season 2 is very defined by the idea that she realizes that she was sent here for a reason. And she doesn't have a shot to get back until she completes this mission that she doesn't know anything about. And yes, going home - her son is the most important thing to her. And he remains the most important thing to her. And he will remain the most important thing to her. But she is here and she does have a job to do. And I think we all know Kiera Cameron isn't going to stick her head in the sand like an ostrich and wait for someone to tap her on the back and say, oh, here's your time travel device, you can go home. So for all the time that's she spends working here in the present to try to get back to the future, she is aware that she may indeed be changing the future and preventing the birth of her son, her marriage, everybody she knows and loves from existing. But she's the kind of person who is going to do her job while she is here because that's what she was sent to do and that's her purpose. And it's the idea that she can't get home without doing it, so she's got to do it."

Continuum continues its Season 2 run tonight, Friday, July 12, with "Second Opinion", airing at 10 PM ET on Syfy.