Syfy has yet another hit on its hands with the new series Continuum, which closes out Season 1 with "Endtime" Monday, March 18 at 8 PM ET. The series centers on a detective (Rachel Nichols) from the year 2077 who becomes trapped in present-day Vancouver, searching for criminals who have escaped from the future. Stars Rachel Nichols (Kiera Cameron) and Victor Webster (Carlos Fonnegra) joined series creator and executive producer Simon Barry on a conference call to discuss the Season 1 finale and beyond. Rachel Nichols first talked about her favorite moments from Season 1.

"The end of episode two is one of my favorite and Jon Cassar directed that episode and I'm in the precinct and I've been sort of - I've been jailed and I watch Dr. Fraser reunite with his wife, and I think the ending of episode two is one of my favorite chunks of the first season. But, you know, everything from meeting my grandmother played by Katie Findlay in episode five or episode eight when I kind of go robo-Kiera, those three moments that I chose are very different but they're all favorite moments just because they really stand out in my memory."

Victor Webster also offered some of his favorite moments from the season.

"I mean so many things stand out about the show like Rachel said. I watched a lot of it my computer the first time and then when you watch it on a big screen television you just miss so many things that you notice all of a sudden. And I love the moments between Rachel and I when I'm dying in the last episode and I've been shot and great emotional moments, episode seven when we were out on the balcony of the police precinct and having this heart-to-heart conversation about trust and partnership. Those are some great scenes. Obviously Kimani has done some great fight scenes. I'm a very physical guy so I love that. Those are some things that stand out to me."

With the show coming back for Season 2 next year, creator/executive producer Simon Barry teased the next season will deal more with the characters' relationships.

"I can certainly say that this season is really we get now to play a lot of the relationships of the characters out in a way that we didn't get to do in Season 1 and there's a lot of dynamics. As you know everyone now has stakes in this game and as those stakes become chips that can be played, everyone has a point of view about how they can best take care of themselves and also control their own destiny. And actually that covers almost every character. Information comes to light, people make alliances, people split up and break connections and so a lot of the positioning of these characters comes down to how they're going to control not only their lives in the present but also in the future. And so control, power and those themes run heavily through Season 2."

When asked if Kiera Cameron will ever make her way back to the future, Rachel Nichols gave this response.

"If Kiera makes it back to the future the show it kind of over unless I mean, unless she decides to be a time traveler, she figures out how to go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and maybe I don't know change things. That's in Simon's head, that's not for me to say. I'm busy enough worry about Kiera in the present day. I think if she gets back to the future, and I'm not speaking with any knowledge of any future scripts or seasons of the show, I would like to believe for her own sake and for me playing the character that she wants to do everything while she's here to ensure that what she's going back to is going to be the future that she left. And so I believe that she will return to the future that she left because if I didn't believe that and Kiera didn't believe that then it would be much more of a hurdle being here in 2013. So yes I would like to think that she will eventually return home and Sam will be the exact same age that he was when she left and it will be like she wasn't gone at all."

Victor Webster also talked about the relationship between Carlos and Kiera, and why Carlos still trusts her, even though she lies to him.

She gets the job done. She may not be completely truthful but I believe that she's doing it for confidentiality reasons and she's not allowed to disclose information to me through Section 6 and what she says she's going to do she does. I may not agree with the means by which she does them but her results speak for themselves so I have no reason but to trust her because she makes stuff happen."

Rachel Nichols also spoke about the possibility that Kiera and Erik Knudsen's Matthew Kellog will become romantically involved at some point.

That's an interesting question. Erik Knudsen and I do a lot of live tweeting together and people seem to be really, really interested in that which Erik and I are both fascinated by. I personally don't think it's going to happen just because that would complicate - the catch phrase of the first season is "It's complicated" and Kiera and Erik together would be really extremely complicated not to mention the fact that he's got to be, what, ten years, more than ten years, you know, 15 years younger than Kiera or something so I don't know. I like that the fans are into that though. It's something that Erik and I talk a lot about. So unless Simon is going to surprise me and tell me that I end up with Alec Sadler from some period in time that I visit I would say no."

Simon Barry also spoke about the possibility of Liber8 moving to the forefront and becoming heroes, with Kiera standing in their way.

"I think that because we're keeping perspective alive in this show that really I'm not editorializing necessarily what anyone should think about these guys and their direction and their purpose, although we are certainly telling the story predominately through the eyes of Kiera and Kiera's experience which is what grounds the show and I think makes the show relatable, we're always trying to tackle arguments from different points of view and we're trying to be intelligent about our neutrality instead of just being lazy about it. So we try and bring two sides of every argument to bear if we can. I think that at a certain point I may not be the person who decides that, it may be the audience who decides that that's happening because they may just be tapped into that and be focused on that and that's what they'll see whereas other audience members may not. And I think that's kind of the goal of the show is to allow for people to take sides and see the truth and the meaning that is relevant to them. And I'll try and stay out of the way of that if I can."

Tune in to the Season 1 finale of Continuum, "Endtime", airing Monday, March 18 at 8 PM ET on Syfy.