Quantum Leap star Scott Bakula doesn't know if he'll ever return as Sam Beckett in a potential revival of the classic sci-fi series, but he's got an idea of what things would be like for the leaper in a modern day setting. This week, Bakula appeared on The Talk for a new interview, and naturally, the conversation soon enough turned to Quantum Leap. Because we're living in the age of nonstop reboots on both the big and small screens, Bakula was directly asked if there would ever be a revival of Quantum Leap to bring the story forward to the present day. Recognizing the demand some fans have for it, Bakula had this to say.

"I don't know, I don't know. But I know the fans would love to have a reboot."
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While there don't seem to be any plans currently for Quantum Leap to be revived, there's still room for speculation as to what the series would be like today. Television has changed drastically in the years since the cult classic show went off the air, and there's a case to be made about the real world changing even more dramatically in recent years. It's true that there are many real-life issues afflicting the world today which could really benefit from Sam Beckett leaping in to make things right, and as Bakula explains, the doctor would really have his hands full this time around.

"Well, there are so many things going on right now that need to be put right, that are currently going wrong, that he would be very, very busy. Lots to do."

Initially debuting in 1989, Quantum Leap ran for five seasons on NBC until its series finale in 1993. Of course, Bakula led the series as Dr. Sam Beckett, a physicist who gains the ability to "leap" through spacetime after a time travel experiment goes awfully awry. Leaping from one person's body into another in various locations at different points in history, Dr. Beckett uses the opportunity to correct some of the biggest mistakes from the past. Dean Stockwell also co-starred with Bakula on the series as Admiral Al Calavicci, a hologram only seen and heard by Dr. Beckett who accompanies him on his missions.

One major perk in revisiting Quantum Leap is that it may be able to rectify the disappointing series finale given to us by the show. After watching nearly a hundred successful leaps play out during the course of the series, the show's closing moments revealed that there would be no happy ending for Sam Beckett. At the very end, a screenshot informs viewers that the doctor simply never made his way back home, though it remains ambiguous what exactly happened with him after that. Fixing this ending is perhaps good enough reason to at least give Quantum Leap a new TV movie to give the story a proper conclusion.

In any case, it doesn't appear likely we'll be seeing new episodes of Quantum Leap anytime soon, but stranger things have certainly happened. Personally, I'm still holding out hope for one day seeing Dr. Beckett finally make his way back home, no matter what the show's series finale might have said. This news comes to us from The Talk.