A man has let a six foot python viciously bite him for the sake of the new History series Kings of Pain, and it looks to be just as unpleasant as you would expect. Hosted by wildlife biologist Adam Thorn and professional animal handler Rob "Caveman" Alleva, the reality series literally follows the two daredevils traveling across the world to get bit and stung by some of the planet's most dangerous animals and stinging insects. In addition to making for great television, Thorn and Alleva are also looking to go through the torment for educational purposes as well. Regardless of their intentions, Thorn might have been second-guessing the decision when he was bitten by the Indonesian python. You can watch a clip of it in the YouTube video below.

In the clip, Thorn wears protective equipment for his head and groin as his team unleashes the six foot snake from a bag. When Thorn leans down to offer his arm to the reptile, it latches onto his flesh almost immediately and with great force. After enduring multiple bites and screaming in agony, Thorn finally calls for help with removing the creature from his arm. The result was a deep gash in Thorn's arm which required stitches to close. When Alleva assisted by pulling the snake away, he was also bitten, but to a much lesser degree, only needing two blood clots squeezed out of his arm. Although Thorn definitely got the worst of it, Alleva looks understandably horrified by what has just occurred after the python is removed and secured.

For most of us, what these people are doing on Kings of Pain seems absolutely insane. It definitely takes a special kind of person to purposely subject themselves to this kind of torture. However, their ultimate goal is to create a pain index similar to the work of Dr. Justin O. Schmidt, an entomologist who developed a sting pain index by ranking insect stings on a scale from 1-4. Thorn and Alleva are hoping to expand upon Schmidt's work by adding a variety of stings and bites from various dangerous and deadly creatures from across the world, ranking them on a 30-point pain scale with new categories such as intensity, duration, and damage. The ultimate goal for the duo is to create a fully comprehensive guide to measuring pain, and it's also been noted they will be working with Schmidt as they build this pain index.

In each episode of Kings of Pain, Thorn and Alleva track down various animals or insects in their own natural habitats where they perform the bite or sting stunts. Of course, a medical professional will also be on hand to monitor the health of the men after each stunt, while Thorn and Alleva describe the pain and other side effects they may be feeling afterward. Some of the other creatures Thorn and Alleva will be feasted upon by in the premiere season are an executioner wasp, tarantula hawk, piranha, giant Asian centipede, scorpion fish, bullet ant, fire urchin, and the Nile monitor lizard.

Kings of Pain will air its one-hour series premiere on History on Nov. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. While the snake bite alone is certainly freaky enough, there's no telling what other kinds of agony the show's daredevils will put themselves through during the course of the series. It goes without saying that this won't be one for the faint of heart. The snake bite clip from Kings of Pain comes to us from History Channel on YouTube.