Marvel has officially announced that it's "time to reload" for The Punisher Season 2. Many expected that there would be another installment to the critically acclaimed Punisher on Netflix, but Marvel decided to let the cat out of the bag early. Jon Bernthal first appeared as Frank Castle in season 2 of Daredevil. He probably will not appear in other Netflix titles which will likely precede The Punisher season 2, which include the on-the-way second seasons of Luke CageJessica Jones, and Iron Fist. Show co-runner Steven Lightfoot recently revealed in a new Punisher behind-the-scenes video that The Punisher takes place outside of The Defenders timeline, making the show its own thing.

Marvel took to Twitter to announce that The Punisher Season 2 is officially happening, but that was all of the information that they chose to share at this time. There is not release date set, but it's safe to say that it's going to be a while since Season 1 just premiered recently. Now that we know that Netflix is getting another season, where will they take the story of Frank Castle this time. It appears as if he's already avenged the death of his family twice, so we're probably going to get a Jigsaw origin story.

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As is the case with the majority of Netflix shows, it's hard to gauge just how popular the show really is, but an announcement of a second season more than likely means that The Punisher did something right. The show had an incredible amount of buzz before it premiered and has been hailed for finally getting The Punisher right, but some have also criticized the show for being slow and a bit on the boring side. However, The Punisher offers a character that isn't shown too often, an unhinged, dark, and gritty anti-hero who is just a bad ass and a loner for the most part.

In the comics, after the mob killed his family, Frank Castle became the vigilante known as The Punisher, becoming judge, jury and executioner for those who crossed ways with the law. The character was first introduced as an anti-hero to serve as a foil for Spider-Man. In 1974, writer Gerry Conway and artist Ross Andru introduced The Punisher in Amazing Spider-Man Number 129. The Punisher's death's-head costume, with the teeth of the skeleton formed by his cartridge belt, was designed by then-Marvel art director John Romita.

Now that The Punisher is coming back for Season 2, maybe the production can get some more dough for some better original music. The original trailer was set to a remixed version of Metallica's "One" and it was perfect. Metallica and the Punisher are two things that need to go together and hopefully both parties can come to an agreement to get this all to work out and get some Metallica on the second season instead of the even worse than Sons of Anarchy (who knew that was possible?) theme music. Anyway, Marvel has officially announced that Frank Castle will return to Netflix for a second season and you can check out the announcement below, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment's Twitter account.