That's a wrap! The Punisher season 1 has officially finished production. Netflix has been very busy over the last couple of years creating their own little corner of the Marvel Universe, which is mostly centered on some of the more street level heroes and, in this case, antiheroes from the Marvel canon. Netflix will be expanding upon that later this year when The Punisher arrives for his very own series.

The Jon Bernthal Source Twitter account revealed that production on The Punisher season 1 had wrapped principal photography by posting some photos from the wrap party. Jon Bernthal certainly looks like he is having a good time in them, which seems to signify he had a good time making the show. He first played Frank Castle in Daredevil season 2 last year and the reception to his take on the character was beyond good. Some were even lobbying for him to get some Emmy love, which didn't happen. That ultimately led to Netflix and Marvel giving him his very own series.

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"It's a wrap! Jon was at the Punisher wrap party yesterday. #JonBernthal #BenBarnes #ThePunisher"

The Punisher is something Marvel fans have wanted to see done in a proper way for quite some time. There have been a few attempts on the movie side of things to make it happen, but that was long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a thing. There is the famously bad Dolph Lundgren, Punisher movie from the late 80s. There was also a better but still not quite there yet attempt made in 2004 with a version of The Punisher that starred Thomas Jane as Frank Castle, with John Travolta as the main villain. Most recently was Punisher: War Zone, which starred Ray Stevenson as the beloved antihero. That movie wasn't very successful, but it has found an audience in the years since its release. Still, after all of that, it was Jon Bernthal's turn as Frank Castle on Daredevil that finally nailed it. So seeing an entire season of a show with him doing his thing will likely delight Marvel fans.

Up to this point, details on The Punisher series have been fairly scarce, but since Deborah Ann Woll is going to appear as Karen Page, we can assume that at least some of the series will be taking place after the events of Daredevil season 2. We also know that Ebon Moss-Bachrach has come aboard to play Micro, a former NSA analyst whose secrets may be of great value to Frank Castle. Amber Rose Revah also signed on to play Dinah Madani, a highly-trained sophisticated Homeland Security agent and Ben Barnes will play Billy Russo, Franks Castle's best friend from his days in the Special Forces, who runs a successful private military corporation called "Anvil."

A release date has not yet been revealed for The Punisher Season 1, but we do know that it will hit Netflix sometime this year. We can also assume that a trailer isn't that far off, since production has wrapped and also because a new poster for the show was revealed recently. Netflix also has The Defenders dropping in August, so it seems likely that The Punisher will drop after that. You can check out the photos from The Punisher wrap party for yourself below.