The Punisher is looming ever closer. Netflix has yet to announce a premiere date for the highly-anticipated solo series, but they have finally given us a fancy new logo for The Punisher season 1. This is a pretty simple logo and one that doesn't come with a whole lot of fancy color on it. Though, any fan of The Punisher will probably tell you this is pretty perfect.

Even though The Punisher season 1 is already in the can, not a whole lot about the series has been revealed. That looks like it is about to change. The official Punisher Twitter debuted this new logo, which was revealed via a pretty nice motion poster. The logo features the classic Punisher skull nestled right below the title of the series. Which is appropriately sitting underneath a Marvel logo. The white lettering and skull is all in white and set against a black backdrop, which is very classic to the character. If it isn't black and white with Frank Castle, it's probably red.

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We are fairly regularly treated to pretty great performances in comic book movies and TV shows these days, but what Jon Bernthal was able to do as Frank Castle in Daredevil season 2 was truly something special. He generated a ton of buzz and even was in the conversation during last year's Emmy nominations. He didn't wind up getting one, but the fact that it was even talked about as much as it was is pretty impressive. That led to a lot of chatter that he could be getting his own spin-off series and, thanks to Netflix, that is happening and it is coming down the pipeline later this year. We just don't know exactly when. Though, unofficially, it has been rumored to be arriving in November.

The Punisher season 1 is expected to have some kind of showing at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. As for what Marvel and Netflix are going to reveal? That is pretty up in the air. Though, the logo reveal just ahead of the event is a good sign. Could we be seeing the first teaser trailer? A betting man would probably put his money on yes. It would be very surprising if they didn't at least confirm when the series is going to arrive on Netflix. And a lot of fans would be awfully disappointed if we didn't get a little taste of Punisher footage.

With the release of Iron Fist earlier this year and with The Defenders set to arrive on Netflix next month, Marvel's street level heroes (or anti-hero in this case) are having a big year on the streaming service. Though, given the critical reaction to Iron Fist, it seems possible that The Punisher could wind up being the best of the three shows. Be sure to check out the logo for The Punisher season 1 for yourself below and keep your eyes peeled for a possible trailer from SDCC this weekend.