Frank Castle is getting ready to make his triumphant, and very violent, return to Netflix later this year with highly-anticipated The Punisher spin-off series, but everyone is eager to find out when. Netflix was, however, willing to give us a brand new, brief promo for The Punisher, which has Jon Bernthal going off like Rambo.

Marvel and Netflix, via the official The Punisher Twitter, released the new teaser, which only clocks in at 30-seconds, but packs a serious punch. Not only does this brief promo give us some serious First Blood vibes, but it also is done in a found footage style that is unlike any of the previous footage we've seen. The promo ends with Frank Castle making a promise that doesn't bode well for those who have wronged him and his family.

"I'm coming for you."

Official plot details have been a little scare for The Punisher so far, but it is very clear that Frank Castle is going to be out for revenge against those who are responsible for the death of his family. It also is very clear that his days in the military are going to come into play during the course of the series, which is also evidenced by this new footage. There's also a strong possibility we could be seeing some flashbacks and getting some more of Castle's backstory, which is still pretty mysterious at this point. The other thing that is very evident is that this is quite possibly going to be the most violent and brutal Marvel series to date.


Jon Bernthal absolutely stole the show during Daredevil season 2, which is no small feat, considering how much fans love Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock. The character of Frank Castle was introduced in the second season of Marvel's first hit Netflix show and Bernthal gave fans the version of the fan-favorite character that they have always wanted. Thomas Jane gave it his best, but this was what everyone always knew was possible. Since the response was so positive, Netflix gave the green light to The Punisher spin-off series. The most surprising thing at this point is that the streaming service still hasn't announced a premiere date.


Even though Netflix hasn't revealed when we'll be able to see The Punisher, it is rumored that the series is going to debut in November. It is definitely coming before the end of the year, that much we do know. They also recently revealed all of the episode titles and with the steady string of promotional material that has been dropping, a premiere date announcement feels imminent. While you wait for The Punisher season 1 to finally arrive on Netflix, be sure to check out the brand new trailer for yourself below.