The Punisher is going to be the next Marvel show to make its debut on Netflix, but when are we going to be able to binge it? Marvel and Netflix have waited until they felt the time is right to reveal release dates for their shows so far, but they have been particularly cagey with The Punisher Season 1. But now we may finally know when the show is set to arrive on Netflix, and it is surprisingly soon.

The news comes courtesy of Reddit, and that usually can be cause for reasonable doubt, but this actually seems pretty solid. A Reddit user by the name of Graeme12895 posted a page to the Marvel Studios Reddit from the latest issue of Total Film Magazine. The issue has a section dedicated to The Punisher season 1 and, at the very bottom of the page that was posted to Reddit, we see that the show is set to arrive on Friday, October 13. That means we are supposedly going to see the show arrive in just three weeks.


To further fuel the fire that this news is legitimate, another image from the new issue of Total Film arrived online, showcasing the full magazine spread, as opposed to just the zoomed in image showing the release date. Someone would have really had to go out of their way to fake these pages, so more than likely, we're going to see The Punisher very soon. Considering that Netflix just released the first full trailer for the show recently, that seems to make sense. We already know all of the episode titles, so it's about time we know when the show is coming out.

No official synopsis for The Punisher has been revealed yet, but the main thread is going to be Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle on a warpath seeking revenge. The recently released trailer was ultra-violent and is easily going to be the most hardcore thing that Marvel has ever released. Not that Frank Castle's turn in Daredevil season 2 wasn't violent, but this looks like it's going to be on another level. There's definitely some John Wick vibes going on. We may never see an R-rated Marvel Studios movie, but Marvel TV isn't shy about bringing the blood. If there's any character in Marvel's catalog that deserves a live-action adaptation this violent, it's The Punisher.


If The Punisher is indeed coming in just three weeks, we can probably expect to see the marketing campaign ramping up in a big way. We also may see some of the first critical reactions to the series sooner rather than later as well, which will help tell us if this is the next Daredevil, or if it's going to be a disappointment on the level of Iron Fist. We'll know soon enough. For now, you can check out the leaked magazine pages from Total Film for yourself below.