Frank Castle is coming to Netflix later this year in The Punisher, but he decided to make a little trip to San Diego Comic-Con ahead of the series debut. The entire cast of Netflix's The Defenders was on hand at the event this year to present some new footage and discuss the epic team up. Then Jon Bernthal decided to crash the party to present the very first footage from The Punisher season 1. And we've got the highlights from the panel for you to check out.

Netflix brought what everyone really wanted to see to San Diego Comic-Con this year. Prior to the event fans had already been treated to Defenders footage, but details on The Punisher have been pretty scarce. Let alone any footage. That all changed when Jon Bernthal took the stage to present some clips from the show. We don't have a trailer quite yet, but the footage reportedly brought the house down.

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The Punisher footage that was shown at the panel starts off with a sequence featuring some of Frank Castle's past. We see his daughter as she plays the guitar. There are a lot of flashes from where he is currently mixed in with the past. The footage then transitions into a big car chase involving the Dogs of Hell, who are making a return after appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Daredevil season 2. The footage pulls no punches as someone's head explodes, being shot from the distance. This sounds like The Punisher live-action adaptation that fans have always wanted to see. Netflix is giving it to us.

We are often used to pretty great performances in comic book movies and TV shows these days, but Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in Daredevil season 2 was truly something special. He is really what makes the prospect of The Punisher as its own series so great and he came to show his gratitude to the fans at SDCC this year. It is that performance and the buzz it generated that led to this show to happening in the first place and the early word out of San Diego Comic-Con is insanely positive.

The Punisher still doesn't have a premiere date, but that should change soon. Rumor has it the series is supposed to drop in November, but that has yet to be confirmed. The sooner the better after what was revealed this weekend at the big event. If fans were feeling impatient to see The Punisher season 1 before, they are really going to be feeling it now. Couldn't make it down to San Diego Comic-Con yourself this year? Don't sweat it! You can check out our highlights from The Punisher showcase with Jon Bernthal for yourself below. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for all of our other SDCC 2017 coverage from the entire weekend.