Pua Magasiva has sadly passed away. He was 38-years old. Magasiva portrayed Red Wind Ranger Shane Clarke in 2003's massively popular Power Rangers Ninja Storm series, which was a direct spin-off the original series. He was found dead at a residence in Wellington, New Zealand, according to investigators. The preliminary report from authorities say there are, "no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death." The cause of death will have to wait until the autopsy is conducted. Magasiva is also known for his work as Nurse Vinnie Kruse on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street.

Pua Magasiva was born in Apia, Samoa, and later moved to Wellington, New Zealand when he was 2-years old. His older brother, Robbie, was an actor and he was the inspiration behind Pua getting into the entertainment industry. He started his career in the late 1990s and received small parts on television shows, such as Shortland Street, which he would later star in. 2001 saw Magasiva land a role in a six-part Māori language television series called Aroha, which was critically acclaimed and brought a lot of attention to the actor.

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After his work on Aroha, he was offered the role of Red Wind Ranger Shane Clarke in 2003's Power Rangers Ninja Storm series. His brother was even given a small part in the series, which lasted for one season, consisting of 38 episodes in total. He then went on to Shortland Street and Sione's Wedding. Magasiva landed a role in the horror movie 30 Days of Night and then made guest appearances in Diplomatic Immunity and Outrageous Fortune. In 2011, he returned as Vinnie Kruse on Shortland Street.

In addition to his work on the big and small screen, Pua Magasiva participated in theater acting. He did a number of plays and even starred in some commercials during his career. Later in his career, he co-hosted a morning radio show entitled Flava, which is run by NZME. NZME released a statement about Magasiva's death, which you can read below.

"It is with deep sadness that the NZME family has today been told of the sudden death of Pua Magasiva. At this incredibly difficult time our thoughts, prayers and condolences go to Pua's family, friends and his many colleagues. For us at NZME, Pua was a loved member of our radio team at Flava. We've been in touch with Pua's former work mates and are offering them support."

Information about Pua Magasiva's memorial services have yet to be announced. However, they will more than likely be available soon as the world mourns the loss of Magasiva. Fans can watch Ninja Storm to pay tribute to the late Power Rangers actor and remember all of the joy that he brought to the franchise and his many other projects. Magasiva is survived his wife, Lizz Sadler, a 7-year old daughter, Jasmine, and his brother, Robbie Magasiva. This news was first reported by The New Zealand Herald. Rest In Peace, Pua Magasiva.