It's been a rollercoaster few months for fans of cult TV show Psych. The second movie for the series was greenlit last year, only for the release of the film to be pushed back later in the year to premiere on NBC's Peacock streaming app. Now, veteran actor Kurt Fuller has revealed during promotions for his upcoming show Evil, that he will be reprising his role as Dr. Woodrow Strode from the show for the upcoming movie, and not just in a cameo.

"More than a cameo. Woody is all over that movie like sticky on rice!"
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The upcoming feature is titled Psych 2: Lassie Come Home. Set after a gap of two years, It will pick up after the events of Psych: The Movie, which ended with self-proclaimed psychic detective Shawn Spencer finally tying the knot with his longtime colleague and love interest Detective Juliet O'Hara. The title of the sequel comes from Detective Carlton Lassiter, Juliet's superior and Shawn's long-time frenemy, who is ambushed during a case and left for dead.

While in recovery, Lassiter sees strange things going on in the facility he is admitted to. He calls in Shawn, Juliet, and Gus to investigate the matter, and the gang finds themselves navigating the personal, professional and possibly supernatural.

No longer able to rely on the Santa Barbara Police Department for help, the gang must instead depend on each other to make it safely through the ordeal and clear up the case. Fans will rejoice to hear about the return of the fan-favorite character of Dr. Strode the coroner, who was introduced in season 4 and showed up regularly in later seasons.

Despite being a part of the many cop-thriller series on TV at the time, Psych set itself apart from the competition by laying emphasis on comedy and the personal relationships between its cast. The character of Strode quickly distinguished himself in the eyes of the audience thanks to his morbid sense of humor and earnest belief in Shawn and Gus's more outlandish theories.

The exclusive Peacock streaming sequel movie is expected to rely heavily on fan nostalgia by bringing back as much of the original cast as possible. After all, it was the fans who watched and rewatched the original 8 seasons of the show and clamored for more that led to the creation of the first Psych movie as a continuation after the series finale of the show. Now, it is the demand from fans for even more that has led to the second sequel making its way to viewers.

In many ways, Psych was a one-of-a-kind success in the detective genre of TV crime shows. It's use of comedy to add interest to its villain-of-the-week formula was a lesson that future cop shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine took to heart. It remains to be seen whether the sequel will be able to live up to the success of its predecessors and add one more hit storyline to the Psych franchise. This news comes from TV Guide.