Fans of the original '90s show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and its subsequent iterations will remember Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver. He was first introduced on the series as the Green Ranger, joining a team of five other heroes with their own unique colors. Frank is synonymous with Power Rangers and widely considered to be the fan favorite character from the series. In reality, Frank is just as much of a badass as his Power Rangers character, specially trained in various forms of martial arts. Next, in 2019, he'll be getting the chance to put these skills to use in the ring when he makes his pro wrestling debut.

The announcement came at a recent show for the wrestling promotion Laredo Wrestling Alliance, based out of Laredo, Texas. During a segment on the show, Jason David Frank was sitting in the audience to watch a wrestling match. One of the performers, "Mr. Studtacular" Brysin Scott, confronted Frank, shoving him and throwing punches. The Green Ranger responded by decking Scott in the face, leading to the two being separated by officials. Frank was then given a microphone by the promotion, telling those in attendance he wants to see Scott in the ring at an upcoming event. The crowd showers Frank with applause, setting in motion the actor's official pro wrestling debut to come in 2019.

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A mixed-martial artist, Frank says his decision to venture into the wrestling world is inspired by similar athletes who've crossed over, one way or the other. He credits Ronda Rousey, who left the UFC for greener pastures in WWE, as well as former wrestler CM Punk, who tried a hand at MMA following his WWE career. Interestingly enough, Frank challenged Punk to an MMA fight in the past, though Punk ultimately declined the offer. Although the battle against Punk didn't come to fruition, Frank's challenges have led him to the pro wrestling world, where he'll definitely be getting a match against Scott.

This is certainly something Frank is doing for the fans, and isn't looking to just make a quick paycheck. According to the actor and MMA fighter himself, Frank refused payment for his recent appearance at the LWA show. Already interested in getting involved with wrestling, Frank told the promoter that he was willing to do the show for free. "I feel like for me and my fan base, you are never too big to attend events like this or come to towns that most people don't go to," Frank says about his decision to take part in the event. "I'm happy to be here."

Because of Frank's appearance, the event drew the largest LWA crowd to date. Chances are, even more people are going to show up when it comes time to see Jason David Frank in the ring. Like the moment when the former Power Ranger punched Scott, hopefully the match will be captured on camera for those unable to make the show to be able to see. For anyone who ever wanted to see the Green Ranger having a battle in a wrestling ring, that day will finally be here soon enough. Frank's comments about his upcoming match were originally printed at LMTonline. You can watch Frank and Scott's altercation and subsequent match announcement in the video below!