If you're like John Oliver and have always wondered what the Pringles man looks like from the neck down, today is your lucky day, as the mustachioed mascot has officially revealed his full body in a new video posted online. On Oliver's YouTube channel for his HBO series Last Week Tonight, the comedian uploaded a video where he speaks about the Pringles mascot. So determined to see the rest of him, Oliver offered to donate money to charity if the company would provide a full reveal of the character.

"I know so much useless information about Pringles, but not the one thing that I really want to know, which is, what is Julius Pringles working with from the neck down?" John Oliver said on the show. "Do I need to know this? No, I don't. Do I want to? Yes, I do. So much so that I'm willing to donate $10,000 to Feeding America if Pringles answers my question, on the condition of course that they don't spend a f***ing cent on Pringles, because it's a garbage snack. It's garbage."

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Despite the verbal jabs at the end of Oliver's rant, Pringles has accepted his offer with a video of their own posted on social media. Taking to Twitter, the potato chip hocker uploaded a video of the Pringles man revealing his full body after the words "Mr. P reveal" are flashed on the screen. As it turns out, the Pringles guy appears to have a normal-sized human body with an oversized head and is dressed from the neck down in red and white colors.

"The moment @IamJohnOliver and @LastWeekTonight have been waiting for. In honor of every second John has thought of Mr. P's body, we are donating $1 to @feedingamerica , which happens to be $10K," the company writes in the caption.

Along with Oliver's promised donation, Pringles ponying up another $10,000 dollar donation of their own means that Feeding America will be given $20,000 to assist hungry families in need of help this holiday season. What may have started as a throwaway joke about the unseen body of the Pringles man has resulted in a great benefit to charity.

Oliver is known for his monetary and other donations provided to various companies and organizations through Last Week Tonight. He encouraged viewers to donate to the New Orleans Public Defense office after highlighting how public defenders are extremely underfunded. Oliver also famously purchased Russell Crowe's jockstrap from Cinderella Man and donated it to the last operating Blockbuster Video store in Alaska to help keep the business afloat. He previously made TV history by purchasing nearly $15 million in medical debt to pay it off for nearly 9000 people.

With Oliver and Pringles donating money to Feeding America, some Last Week Tonight fans are following suit with some smaller donations of their own. If you want to read more about the organization or donate to a local food bank, you can visit the official website for Feeding America. This news comes to us from Pringles on Twitter.