AMC's Preacher premiered their San Diego Comic-Con trailer for Season 3 and it's pretty messed up. God is there, the Devil is there, vampires are there, Hitler makes an appearance, and there's talks of bees as a form of torture. It's perfectly over the top and exactly what fans of the show have been waiting for. The trailer teasers that have been released over the past few weeks have nothing on the nearly 2-minute trailer for Season 3. When producer Seth Rogen was asked about how they approach writing for Satan and Hitler, he simply replied, "you just go on Twitter. It's easy."

Nothing about Preacher looks easy, definitely not as easy as Seth Rogen makes it sound. However, seeing Hitler working at a Subway Sandwich restaurant does seem pretty easy to write for. But, a scene in the third season where everybody eats a horse? That one was a little bit of a stretch, according to Rogen at the Preacher panel this evening at Comic-Con. Rogen just says that it was a weird scene and leaves it at that.

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When asked about fight scenes in Season 3 of Preacher, Evan Goldberg mentioned that they have a pretty good one that involves a "banana" and some "intestines", which sounds perfectly Preacher. It's crazy how much AMC lets them get away with, especially after everything is condensed into a 2-minute trailer, highlighting all of the messed up stuff that's going to be showcased in the upcoming third season. When asked about the pace of the comic book compared to the show, Goldberg revealed that they're speeding up to try and keep up with all of the source material, and from the look of the trailer, he's not kidding.

When asked if there's anything that Preacher stays away from, Seth Rogen said that they "draw the line" at having sexual intercourse with dead people. So, if you were wondering what is taboo in the writing room for Preacher, that might be the only rule written on the wall as a reminder. Overall, it just looks like everybody has a great time creating Preacher for AMC and it shows through in the work. Even in the brief Season 3 trailer, there's a lot of stuff going on, but one can tell that it was fun pushing the envelope to see what they could get away with.

Preacher Season 3 promises to be the craziest season by far, which is really saying something. Deaths are being reversed, Hitler shows up to work at Subway, they're going to eat a horse, there's too much going on in Season 3 of AMC's Preacher, and as previously noted, it's amazing that the network lets them push it as far as they do. You can check out the brand-new trailer for Season 3 of Preacher below, provided by the AMC YouTube channel. There are some pretty intense scenes, so consider yourself warned.