With the Preacher Season 2 premiere just a few weeks away, AMC has debuted two new previews, one which takes an extended look at what's to come in Season 2, while the other video is a clip from the season premiere, debuting Sunday, June 25 on AMC. The extended Preacher Season 2 preview features cast members Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun and creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg discussing why being on the road raises the stakes, adds even more mayhem and why Jesse is no longer hampered by the rules. The clip features Jesse and Tulip discussing the best strategy for how to find God while Cassidy obsesses over a disturbing fact about the male anatomy.

AMC debuted this preview, which begins with executive producer Sam Catlin revealing that this season features a new mix of violence, comedy, drama and absurdity, which he describes as a "pretty unique stew" that is being put together. Garth Ennis, who co-created the iconic Preacher comics with the late Steve Dillon, reveals that the main trio will spend a lot of time on the road this season, while Dominic Cooper praises the show because it doesn't take itself too seriously. Ruth Negga also reveals that these three characters are "thrown together" on this road trip.

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The video also includes a scene where this trio is pulled over by some highway patrol sheriffs, one of which asks Cassidy to put down the umbrella that he's holding over his head, on a sunny day. Cassidy tells the officer that he can't put the umbrella down, or he will burst into flames, but shortly thereafter, it's this officer who is taken out by a sniper, who is barely visible on the highway. A long-range shootout ensues, as the trio find a way to escape. We also hear from Graham McTavish (The Saint of Killers), who reveals there are more flavors on the show now.

Dominic Cooper also teases that he's excited that fans will get to see The Saint of Killers "operating at his full potential" this season, while Sam Catlin adds that one of the most exciting aspects of this season is that Jesse is no longer hampered by any of his rules anymore, describing his character as "unchained." Sam Catlin adds that fans will get to see some of the "ghosts of Tulip's past," while adding that the show is just bigger this season, along with behind-the-scenes footage of creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, while Joseph Gilgun ends this video by stating that you just have to see Preacher to understand it.

The new clip from Preacher Season 2 is entitled "The Search For God: Day One," which features Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy in the car together, with Cassidy telling Jesse and Tulip that there are over 70 million circumcisions in the U.S. every year. Cassidy claims that the "oligarchs" are saving all of these foreskins in warehouses around the country, stating that it's "big business". Jesse then tells Tulip that they're going to see a family friend of his, a religious scholar who may be able to shed some light on God's whereabouts, while Cassidy reveals a disgusting theory about what they really do with all of the foreskins from the 70 million circumcisions. Take a look at these new sneak peeks from Preacher below.