There are some things the world could quite happily go on living without, and a leaked pilot script for the CW's live-action version of The Powerpuff Girls has proved that this project could well be one of them. Brace yourself for a cringefest. You have been warned.

The CW has been happily working through a number of announcements about their upcoming reboot of The 4400, DC series Naomi, as well as word that they won't be moving on with Our Ladies of Brooklyn and Black Lightning spinoff, Painkiller. But despite getting a lot of internet time recently, updates on The Powerpuff Girls have been a little thin on the ground. Perhaps there was a good reason for that? A leaked script for the pilot suggested that there is perhaps a little...ok a lot of work to be done. Was it really as bad as all that? Yes, yes and a whole lot more yes, at least according to fans who have read the leaked sciprt for themselves.

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The latest on the project is that all three leads, Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault and Chole Bennet, are still on board, as are the other previously announced cast and crew, but The CW is reworking the pilot and filming a new version. Why would they go to all that trouble? If the script is so terrible, is there anything that can be salvaged without completely starting again from scratch? It may be a blessing if they did decide to burn the whole thing to the ground and build on the ashes of shame that are left behind, which is the feeling one gets from reading the leak reactions on Twitter.

The Powerpuff Girls animated series is a very cartoony affair but it seems that someone decided a live action version had to be a little more grown up. Though it sounds like it was more adult in probably the worst way possible. Especially for a franchise that has always been associated with young kids. The script leaks, which were posted on Twitter for a time before being deleted, revealed that, as well as being thick to the brim with pop culture references in an attempt to be modern and cool, it seemed that no more than a few minutes could go by without one of the lead characters referencing sex, having sex or otherwise discussing sex.

If we delve further into the dialogue, some of the other dubious highlights are references to meth trafficking, one of the characters having a stint in rehab, the same character commenting that they, "loved being Powerpuff Girls." But sometimes they wanted to be other things too. "Like in Dirty Dancing, Baby wanted to join the Peace Corps, but she also wanted to be a fancy slut." And there's even a white Mayor having a discussion about reverse racial discrimination because in an upcoming election he is being beaten by a black woman. Where do you even start to deconstruct all of this? There are also constant references to Facebook, Linkedin, "triggering", "leaking of nudes", oh it really does just go on and on. Check out some of the script pages below.

While there has been no official confirmation from the CW, there is no one questioning whether this is a fake script. Instead it seems to have just confirmed what many people feared was going to happen from the minute a live action version of the Cartoon Network show was announced. Someone made the mistaken assumption that they could take a cartoon made for ten year olds, fill it with the mentality of a 19 year old, sex references galore and it would all be fine. It is safe to say that Twitter users were more than happy to share their scathing opinions and based on these, it is no wonder that the pilot in its original form has been scrapped.