There are only three weeks to go before production starts on the eagerly anticipated Flash episodes of Arrow, which will debut in Season 2 and potentially be spun-off into its own series. An actor has yet to be cast as Dr. Barry Allen, who gains the ability of super speed, but Latino Review has the scoop on who we might see in this coveted role.

Here are the contenders:

James Mackay

James Mackay
"Australian actor James Mackay, who will be seen in Roland Joffé's upcoming film Singularity, is the 2013 winner of the Heath Ledger Scholarship Award. The prize was awarded by Australians in Film, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that serves as an industry guild for Australian filmmakers and performers in the U.S. The 28-year old actor has appeared in the Cry Havoc Theatre Company's contemporary adaptation of Julius Caesar and in such films as Don't Be Afraid of the Dark."

Matt Barr

"Matt Barr is best known for his role as Johnse Hatfield in Hatfields & McCoys with Kevin Costner for the History Channel. The 29 year old actor was on the CW before in Hellcats playing series regular Dan Patch. Hellcats was canceled after one season."

Flash will be getting an origin story on the popular CW series. Here's what Andrew Kreisberg had to say about the Arrow casting last week.

"We'll have to have somebody by Sept. 30, which is when we start shooting [his first] episode. So there is that timeline. But it's been a really exciting process just getting to meet so many fantastic actors and seeing the enthusiasm that so many people around town have for the character. It's just amazing - I have pictures of myself at age 4 holding a Flash and a Superman doll. That I'm sitting here writing the Flash and Green Arrow now, it's more than my little nerd heart can bear sometimes."

The producers have reportedly blazed through quite a few actors in the audition process, with three actors left standing. They will be in Hollywood today for screen tests. While two of the actors have been revealed, the third actor is still being kept under wraps. News on whom he may be will possibly be released before the end of the day.

Flash is not the only DC Comics Universe character being added to Arrow Season 2. Throughout this new run of episodes premiering this fall, fans will also see Amanda Waller, The Black Canary, Bronze Tiger, and Sebastian Blood.

Flash is certainly the most high profile character being added this year, and will be seen in at least three episodes, which will determine if he is spun-off into his own series.