Portlandia Season 2 has been a bonafide hit for IFC since launching in early January. And while a Season 3 announcement is likely imminent, the network confirmed today that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein will return this summer with an all-new hour long special. No further details about the special have been released at this time.

Season 2 brings itself to a close this Friday, March 9th, with the very special Episode 2.10: Brunch Village, the first time the hit comedy series will tell one continuous and linear story. Fred & Carrie, Toni & Candice, and Peter & Nance are just some of Portlandia's residents that find themselves caught up in the intricate and complicated world that develops in the sprawling line at Portlandia's newest and trendiest brunch hot spot, Fisherman's Porch. Guest stars in the episode include Tim Robbins, Kyle MacLachlan, Ed Begley Jr. and Steve Jones.

Check out a sneak peek of Tim Robbins' guest appearance as the Brunch Village Warlord.