Musician Jonathan Young has teamed with original Pokémon theme song singer Jason Paige for a hardcore take on the classic tune. And it's earning rave reviews from fans of the franchise.


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Jonathan Young released this fun video to promote his new album, which is full of nothing but Pokemon metal songs. About pulling Jason Paige in to participate on the project, Young states, "Getting the opportunity to reimagine the Pokémon theme and sing it alongside Jason Paige was super cool."

Jonathan goes onto explain how this cover tune and the video all came together. He says, "We recorded this all independently in our own studios and shot it with the help of my independent production company, Villainous Media in San Diego CA. Power to the artists & fans who make it possible for people to create stuff like this."

With appropriate costumes in place, Young kicks things off on his own. Then in jumps Jason Paige much to the delight of Pokemon fans everywhere. And its pure Pokemon metal bliss.

The Pokemon craze doesn't appear to be letting up anytime soon. Detective Pikachu is currently shooting with Ryan Reynolds in the lead. And it will be the first live-action movie ever based on the popular franchise. It hits theaters in summer 2019.