At Paleyfest yesterday, there was a live in-person Star Trek: Discovery Panel presented by The Paley Center for Media that included writer and showrunner Alex Kurtzman. The panel was winding down when Kurtzman revealed some inside details on the still-untitled Star Trek Picard Series that will once again bring Patrick Stewart back into the Star Trek space saga.

Flanked with eight cast members from the Star Trek Discovery show as well as executive producer Heather Kadin, Alex let us in on lots about the current program that is presented by CBS All-Access, exploring a depth of subjects that only a gathering like this can present the opportunity to do. The moderator Daniel Holloway waited until the very last question to ask exactly what everyone seemed to want to hear. The audience in the Dolby theater was suddenly transfixed when the final question for the evening was forwarded: What can you tell the crowd about the Picard Show?

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Alex Kurtzman was carefully measured in his answer trying not to give too much away on the project that is currently cloaked in secrecy. We already know that the show will feature the legendary Star Trek: Next Generation character, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. According to his old shipmate Jonathan Frakes, the storyline of the new chapter will focus on the former Captain Picard as it takes place after he has stepped away from his lofty Starfleet Rank.

As Kurtzman elaborated on his current news, the audience was completely silent, leaning into his words as he spoke.

"Here's what I will tell you, I had an amazing experience yesterday. I sat at Patrick's kitchen table and I heard him read the first episode and I almost cried. It was quite something. He's at an amazing place in his life. He's so excited. It's going to be a very different show from Discovery. The only way this universe, I think, works correctly is if each show is really different and speaks to a different part of Star Trek."

The new vehicle for Patrick Stewart may not contain the giant cinematic level of Star Trek: Discovery. The journey for the new Picard project seems to be less focused on light years length voyages and more focused on the inner voyages of the iconic character that Stewart has emblazed onto the Star Trek Universe. Kurtzman elaborated further.

"This is going to be a very thoughtful, psychological portrait in a lot of ways. We all know what Picard means to the world and why he, like so many legendary characters on Star Trek, has endured and what he's represented. He in some ways has to go through a gauntlet to find that again. Things have changed for him and changed him in some ways, and yet he is so deeply and fundamentally still Picard. We're thrilled at what we're going to deliver. I know Patrick is really excited. The cast is coming together beautifully. And I will give you nothing else."

We look forward to seeing another great series in the voyage to go boldly beyond. This info comes from the PaleyFest Panel VOD.